😱 CRAZY GAME with DBS 🔥 PUBG Mobile - voxelo.us

😱 CRAZY GAME with DBS 🔥 PUBG Mobile

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  1. Watching Nemo I learned to play little good even on my 2Gb ram ,no gyro potato phone.. before this I used to die on landing.

  2. Why you don't use barrel or akm in close range

  3. I can see your gameplay getting worse day by day..

  4. Play livik, miramar, sanhok, karakin.
    We get bored by seeing same erangel map everyday.

  5. Upload trolling😕😟😟No mofe full gameplay😋

  6. We're waiting for your Funny videos 😖🥺🥺

  7. Lol u were killed by a Naga 🤣🤣one of my people

  8. Bro u take new x suit pliz….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. There is nothing as satisfying as watching a gameplay for me,,exspecially during eating❤️

  10. I think Nemo same like panda not have M4 Glacier 🤣 sorry 😶muehe

  11. We u land na enemies are running when see u HAHAHAHA

  12. there was the whole akatsuki clan in the end

  13. Shotgun is the secret of nemos chicken dinner

  14. 8:20 enemy be like aap hame maaf karde hame chutti dede 😂

  15. yang mana pakai bendera merah putih itu mangsanya nemo

  16. I've been playing for 2 years, watched many, I don't understand why you have so few subscribers. Unsubscribed from everyone. You are really the best! Keep playing with different weapons. Greetings from Russia!!!

  17. It just funny that you guys
    Call it DBS ( double barrel shotgun ) while it's not even a DBS, it's a pump action shotgun, stupid game

  18. Always been fantastic big fan of yours from Muzaffarabad azad Kashmir Pakistan🤗

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