#1 LSU vs #6 South Carolina Highlights (Game 2, CRAZY GAME!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights - voxelo.us

#1 LSU vs #6 South Carolina Highlights (Game 2, CRAZY GAME!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU Baseball and South Carolina Baseball played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. My gosh at the size of the strike zone of this ump

  2. Oh yeah lsu be humbled South Carolina y’all aren’t good

  3. Freaking Guidry burning a hole through SC’s dugout with that stare. What a monster.

  4. This was a great game! The SEC It is very evenly matched. A lot of these games can go either way. G EAU X Tigers!

  5. Anybody know how many errors Thompson has on the year?

  6. South Carolina just gave it away. Why are their batters trying to walk? This is sec baseball if it’s 3-0 and they hang it you bang it, let alone full counts, buncha weirdos couldn’t take the heat

  7. If LSU pitching isn't resolved they make it to Ohama. Geaux Tiger's

  8. SC needs a catcher that can actually hit

  9. Ty looking like Wild Thing Ricky Vaughn before the glasses. Ball 4. Ball 8. Ball 12.

  10. Ugh just when we had a top 3 spot in our hands with Vandy losing

  11. Dugas being a boss and Guidry layin sauce. He ready to give em the smoke. Tigers win tigers win

  12. Yo that closer was cold af!! SC dugout finna have nightmares tonight😂

  13. SC will be kicking themselves for blowing this one. Walks will get you every time

  14. LSU is NOT the number 1 team in country right now…sorry

  15. Funny how the strike zone was so different when LSU was at the plate… Seemed to widen quite a bit…

  16. Lsu is such a trashy school. Lol. Zero class in every sport.

  17. If you heard the YURRR OR DEYOOO guy behind home plate, see yall tmr😅

  18. #1 at the end has the most punchable face ever lmao

  19. South Carolina gave this game away, south carolina pitching relief wasn't good at all, allowing lsu to get the win. Not looking good on weather, have a feeling that this series will end in a tie, or a make-up game at a l8tr date

  20. Announcers so boring to listen to. Terrible job.

  21. The announcers may as well say they want SC to beat LSU. No enthusiasm at all for home runs but pumped about walks/Hit by pitch.

  22. You'd never imagine LSU hit a late game tying grand slam by the commentating tone

  23. I didn’t realize south Carolina was a bush league team😂 extra 30 minutes on Thursday for the fake lightning day to burn skenes. And cancel the doubleheader yesterday when they clearly could’ve played. Scared to play the third game, unranked Auburn will sweep

  24. This is the part I'm not sure about. How do they reschedule Game 3? The fair thing would be a Tuesday game after both teams played a Friday Saturday Sunday series so both teams will be going with their 4th pitcher….would be a high scoring game.

  25. 5:48 ump is the sole reason the hitter got out and then enthusiastically calls him out lmao

  26. LSU was lucky to win this game. SC was better for 16 of 18 innings.

  27. That dude that is on the left side in the thumbnail looks 40

  28. Anybody else curious as to why nobody is there???

  29. Your audio has been off with the video all year long now

  30. 5:50 not only did the ump interfere with what would have been a double, that called out was just bad, hes safe 100%.Umps this series have been on a power trip. Calling strike 3's after the batter starts walking because they got butthurt about it ect. Its nonsense really. Give me the robots.

  31. Lol those announcers were so mad when Dugas hit that slam

  32. People like Gavin Guidry are saving baseball adding emotion like that to it.

  33. How is SC ranked lower than LSU with a better record?

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