#1 LSU vs Ole Miss Highlights (Game 3, CRAZY GAME!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights - voxelo.us

#1 LSU vs Ole Miss Highlights (Game 3, CRAZY GAME!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU Baseball and Ole Miss Baseball played in game 3 of a weekend series during the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. LSU bullpen after Hayden Travinski bomb 😍😍😍 geaux tigers

  2. How could this squad not have decent pitching? This is so sad coming off a magical last season where it was rumored that the head coach was going to be fired. I don't understand it.

  3. First sweep of the season against an sec opponent great stuff tigers

  4. the camo lids and helmets just simply do not play

  5. Wow they actually swept someone, give the #1 to Carolina already…

  6. Outstanding game. Regardless of the series outcome.

  7. Dang was wanting LSU to drop one so wake might be no 1 next week. Gonna be a good matchup if Wake and LSU play each other in the championship.

  8. LSU needs work on timely hitting. This game should not have been this close

  9. Ole Miss is so bad this year. They sold our soul for a natty.

  10. If u turned the game off at 2 outs ur not a real fan. Gots to see it through.

  11. I remember last year at this time a struggling Ole Miss swept LSU and made their presence known to College Baseball on their way to a Naty. Now they suck bilge water..❤

  12. damn ole miss you almost had it 😂😂😂 but lemme get my broom 🧹 Sweeep SWEEP SWEEEP

  13. Where are all of the folks complaining about LSU still being #1 earlier this week?!

  14. 🧹 🧹 🧹 Geaux Tigers.

  15. Great to see a sweep after being down late, but the injuries are a big concern to me at this point.

  16. A soon as he walked in the 9th you knew it was over. You can't give LSU an inch.

  17. This game sums up our season. We have the chance to win and we crap our pants in the end.

  18. Not bad for coach Bianca having a pretty much rebuilding year

  19. Dude for Ole Miss gotta hit the weight room. Warning Track power.

  20. funny how when lsu hit the homer to right center the crowd didnt move an inch but once ole miss hit it everyone went nuts lol dont blame them tho

  21. Ole miss does suck but Jesus they have lost some really close games

  22. I don’t think LSU can win this year's National Championship.
    Tiger fan here.

  23. Ole miss blew it. Terrible pitching in the 9th. Walk 2 and throw a fat one down the pike

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