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#1 Tennessee v Mississippi State Highlights (Game 2, Crazy Game!) | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Tennessee and Mississippi State played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2022 College Baseball Season.

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  1. This Johnson guy has the worst attitude I've seen from an opposing pitcher all season long.

  2. What’s up with Tennessee’s hat?I thought Texas own the rights to the interlocking UT?

  3. MSST should've made a pitching change after their starter gave up those 2 2 out hits. Yes, he was pitching well but he had already threw 112 pitches.

  4. thank u sir. I was starting to fiend out. sucks for Mississippi state pitcher he pitched hell of a game. that homerun he gave up was actually a good pitch too

  5. Can you make Kentucky vs auburn game 1 and 2 please

  6. Way to fit it out and when the series guys!

  7. Great game for both sides, heck of a fight by MS State going against the Vols, awesome pitching by Johnson, great efforts

  8. Impressed by state coming back strong after Thursday night

  9. The 🔪 came in and closed the door. Miss St. pitcher pitched a hell of a game as well.

  10. Love it. Gilbert knows how to shut that loud mouth bitch up.

  11. Big respect to Mississippi state. Not easy to get back up after a game like yesterdays. Their pitcher did well, although he did like to run his mouth a lot. Loved it when Gilbert smacked the 2 run homer to take the lead and jawed back at him

  12. Man, getting Chase Burns for 6+ innings only for him to be relieved by Blade Tidwell just doesn’t seem fair. Good game from Miss State tonight

  13. I have no clue why MIss St thought it was a good idea to keep their starter in the 8th after 2 back to back hits

  14. Gilbert had to humble johnson real quick LMAO

  15. should of took there pitcher out he was at 112 pitches lmao

  16. I was at this game and got to meet the players and Tony V. and got tons of autographs and pics with them! GBO!!!!!!!!! 🍊⚾💯

  17. State pitcher pitched well but he got what he was asking for. TN came out sluggish bc the game didn’t matter to them. That is until the pitcher started talking trash. Prolly wasn’t a good idea after the way game 1 went. Should have just kept quiet and it might have made a difference.

  18. you gotta post baylor ok state. 8 rub comeback with a walk off homer off the top of the wall

  19. Mississippi State pitcher did well but you can’t fire up the beast, respect the competitiveness but don’t holler at the Vols 🍊

  20. This Tennessee team doesn't hit breaking balls well and they need to start putting balls in play instead of trying to free swinging to hir the long ball over the fence.

  21. Great baseball game last night! Johnson was straight dealing all night but just ran out of gas. Wonderful crowd again in Starkville. Go Vols!

  22. Down 3-1 in the 8th and clutch hitting prevails. GO VOLS

  23. Johnson is the real deal. Heck of a competitor. Good game State. Yall will be right back in it next year I'm sure.

  24. Much respect for State!! They battled back from the skull dragging last night. My vols needed this kinda game to show maturity

  25. Good show by state, especially after thursday. Good game!

  26. If I'm coaching there is no way I would allow my players to jump up in celebration when coming to the dugout. I've seen to many stupid accidents with knee injuries!

  27. I CANNOT BELIEVEEEEE Tennessee is going to be ONE GAME SHORT of 50 regular season wins…. That blow my mindddd mannn. Ha thats like winning 110 games in MLB… crazy.

  28. can you please do Indiana vs Iowa game!? it was absolutely insane!!!

  29. Does everyone for the Vols throw 98+ ?? This is suppose to be a college team goodness Lol

  30. For the love of God – please stop teaching the catchers to do that stupid split position – especially when you have base runners.

  31. F**K Tennessee I hope they capitulate … bragging flipping bats ….Can’t wait another Arkansas discombobulation Vols can be beaten it’s easy

  32. I don’t get why this MS St team performed so poorly this year. Tanner, Clark, and Cumbest were knocking the ball around every time I watched them

  33. Tennessee leads the country in Batting avg. HRs 2Bs and ERA. As a team if they aren't they best reg season team ever, then who is?

  34. I hate seeing coaches ruin kids arms. Leaving that starter in for over 112 pitches is ridiculous!!

  35. 36 talking all that mess. Then Drew Gilbert homers and says "dont fucking talk to us mother fucker" – damn. gotta watch it when you're a pitcher chief

  36. mississippi state doesn’t have the same energy as last year.. It’s like they just decided not to try this season..

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