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10 Crazy Gaming Easter Eggs That Can Actually Help You

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Video game Easter eggs are so much fun, but sometimes these jokes can actually be useful. Whether it’s an alien blaster in Fallout 4 or a dead ice cream truck in Hitman Absolution, here are ten easter eggs that made us laugh and helped us complete the game…
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  1. What about the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4. An extremely rewarding hidden weapon for only the most persistent players, until a few months later when it became laughably easy to get. Alternatively, the Syndicate Gun in Battlefield Hardline. Not quite as hard to get, but still a nice reward.

  2. the thundergun in the blacktops 1 campaign and the raygun in waw

  3. In no.1 the text box in the video said "Black Ops 2" when the game is clearly Black Ops

  4. I'm honestly rather shocked Mr Toots from Red Faction: Armageddon didn't make it. Not only was it a great easter egg, it also the best thing about the game.

  5. What about the Golden Indiana Jones in complete saga

  6. Its Strapping young lad driving Satan's ice cream truck lol

  7. Much better that the Cluckshot is the Memento Mori Boltok in Gears 4. It 1-Hit-Kills ANYTHING, including the Swarmak. It may only be available on Insane, but with 18 total shots, it lets you effectively end every boss fight in the second half of the game.

  8. In bo3 there is another manoquin one where you shoot off the heads and its like zombie manoquins chasing you

  9. Call of duty black ops 3! Shoot the head of the manacins and they attack you non stop

  10. Rip Destiny players on PC who STILL don't have the game yet. Would have loved to find that myself

  11. Keep the one you pull out the body and break it after it breaks just use charge attack to continuously send zombies flying, if you use a crafted EXPcaliber It loses ALL its effect when broken apart from weak lighting attacks

  12. Then there is me cringing at the fact that he destroys the fuel in that bo2 retro game

  13. Says about destiny in the first few mins but doesn’t show any gameplay till 8mins

  14. Hey, Xbox fans, how many exclusives you have? 1-2? Peasants

  15. In battlefield, if you get about 9 players in a sertain spot in around the south of the ocean, a megalodon jumps out of the ocean and every single one of them

  16. How about when you skip the entire Muffet battle if one of two conditions are met?
    A: Buy one of her 9999G spider pastries
    B: Buy a spider pastry from the ruins and use it in battle

  17. Cod black ops iii on nuketown if you blow all their arms off in a minute the become like weeping angels (they only move when you aren't looking)or if you blow off their heads in a minute they become zombies

  18. Another helpful HITMAN Easter egg is in the 2016 version on Colorado, when completing the Witcher Man challenge everyone that gets too close to your burn up.

  19. Well in destiny 2 you can get 007 golden gun. By doing a side mission on the planet full of robots.

  20. In the gears of war one you have to stand in front of the 4 pipes not shoot then that just wastes ammo

  21. Cod ghost. If you shoot board with sniper rifle in extention with letter LOL and then if you drop Ferrell instinct you will be able to see monsters true the wall plus they explode in shiny tedy bears!

  22. I wonder if the devs that made the cheese shield knew we'd make cheesy jokes about it…

  23. 11:00 they clearly don't play enough CoD to understand THAT IT IS BLACK OPS 1 NOT 2 FFS

  24. I hate your voices but especially the chicks voice, she tries too hard to be funny.

  25. How bout the Excalibastard from borderlands: the pre sequel

  26. There's an easter egg very helpful in borderlands 2.
    In the Caustic caverns there's a secret room that you find creepers from minecraft. One creeper casually drops a shotgun that shoots squares in nine different directions.
    That shotgun is very fun and awesome for crowd control.

  27. Korek Machete dying light? high rarity machete that does 500 damage that you can get right when you start the game

  28. In bo1 the wonder waffle can be found in a mission

  29. In the Ice Cream truck there is no driver. It's props to the Ice Cream truck in the movie Maximum Overdrive.

  30. Did you just give up or forget the title of the video half way through? nothing after Dying Light "actually helps you" you just added some easter eggs that everyone has already seen years ago.

  31. Awesome I was wondering how to get him because it just says locked all the time but now indie is mine!

  32. Shoot the arms off of the mannequins in call of duty in under 2 minutes and then their be the weeping angels from Doctor Who

  33. in doom the alevator you shoot at if you jump down down there is a platform with the second most powerfull gun in the game

  34. Uhh Expcaliber is a really bad weapon in dying light its only good early game. mid to late game you will have better weapons. The Expcaliber does 300ish damage your average late game weapon does 2000-3000 damage

  35. The alien gun in fallout 4 really helped me beat some stuff

  36. Nothing will beat the secret flamingo weapon from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 2.

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