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10 CRAZY Things You UNLOCK Only After Finishing The Game [Pt 2]

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Some games give you some really crazy things once you finish the game. Here are some of our favorite unlocks.
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Red Faction: Armageddon
2:00 Infamous: Second Son
3:09 Nier: Automata
4:50 Kirby and the Forgotten Lands
6:09 Hades
7:31 Chrono trigger
8:36 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
9:47 Dragon Quest 11
10:48 Goldeneye
11:42 Metal Gear Solid


  1. I miss the ps2 era when we used to get theater or gallery where you can play cutscenes 😢

  2. if we're gonna include Hades pact of punishment I would like to give a shoutout to dead cells in which the next difficulty level only unlockes after beating the current one which unlocks weapons, biomes, bosses and lore all the way up to NG+5

  3. Legit replaying MGS3 when this video popped up

  4. A good one to is in Star Wars Jedi fallen order if you play new journey plus you can get inquisitor armor and you can make your lightsaber color red

  5. In Dying light you got amongst many goodies a thing which actually stopped playing. It was that bad and broke the game for me. It happens wenn you max out the skill tree. It gives you a useless trick, run up a wall and do a backflip, you look at the wall again. While this is cool in movies, it is not in Dying Light. Why is this bad? Well, normal wall climbing and upwards powerleaps is necessary for survival, you want to get up to the roof.
    The new skill uses keybinds which I learnt to use the whole game for normal climbing.
    Can't be changed, I would have to re train my brain to adjust. Thx, no.
    No answer from the support on disabling the skill. Turds.

  6. very surprised satanael from persona wasn’t included:(

  7. The tuxedo in MGS did have one other effect – it changed the cyborg ninja colours so he looked more like SpiderMan

  8. The man, the legend. It's been awhile Falcon 👊

  9. Hades is such a great game, always on sale cheap so it’s well worth it

  10. I dont consider more story or different ending as bonus unlocks. And a ton of these on the list are those. Bonus I think of extra. Not just they put the end halfway thru their games story.

  11. red dead redemption 2, when the other HALF of the map unlocks at the end

  12. I think binding of isaac deserves to be in one of these

  13. I always loved the way that the first Half Life story is retold from another angle in different versions, but I never see a video mentioning those other versions of Half Life??

  14. I loved the older Metal Gear solids. So sad we will never see new ones again. I loved the world and lore too even though it was and still is hard to completely understand.

  15. No Devil may cry 5? wow im kinda surprised

  16. Love how the gameplay from the miniature is at the beginning of the game

  17. In case people don't know; Mr. Toots was created by Freddie Wong. Please look up his channel and check out the work he did with Corridor Digital. You will likely recognize the Dubstep Guns used in Saints Row.

  18. Second son still looks so good. Hopefully they add it to pc one day

  19. While maybe not at the end of the game one of the unlocks for finding a certain number of precursor orbs in jak3 gives you the power of flight which lets you fly around anywhere, there is also a way to glitch fly so you can get to places you are not meant to there is even a secret pipe you can fly up to using the glitch that features an Easter egg Showing an image of the game devs

  20. 1st time playing MGS, me and my cousin spent over 20 hours to beat it in one run. After that, it took us 7 hours to beat it again.

  21. Александър Джимджинов says:

    Ah, why that clickbait with a picture from "Spiderman – Miles Morales" when there's nothing from that game?…

  22. 8:23 I never knew Akira toriyama has worked on games before 🤯🤯🤯

  23. jedi fallen order: Red lightsaber and inquisitor outfit

  24. I just want to say I am such a big fan of inFAMOUS and because of it, its inspired some of my own character development (Although sadly I dont right because I kinda suck at it and also suck at keeping focused..) but I want to say that inFAMOUS Second Son's Concrete Powers are so not great especially being an endgame power.. I ended up completing most of the game before I got them and when I got them they just felt like a reskinned version of the other powers combined.. And barely had anything that made it unique and especially as an endgame unlockable was not great at.. This does not deserve top 20.. However.. I said I was a fan, I dont believe I saw the first part but inFAMOUS 2 and the ability to unlock all Karma locked powers after game was complete no matter what Karma you were is a much better endgame unlockable..

    Not saying change it or correct it because we all have opinions but concrete was just such a let down..
    Even if the console had limitations I think they still could have done a lot more..
    Like creating a concrete shield like the soldiers do.. Making when Delsin uses the thrust he would have the rock shield effect that some of the D.U.P. Soldiers/ Augustine had..
    A Karma bomb where you end up being a beefy boii who can tank a lot of shots and be like a hulk sorta of character until the concrete armor around you combusts or something.. I dont know.. I was extremely disappointed with this power.. XDD

    Good video though.. CX

  25. My favorite post game weapon is that god tier keyblade in kingdom hearts 3 you can spam the most busted combo invented 😂

  26. Well, I'm going to be dreaming about Solid Snake loading a bandana into a minigun tonight.

  27. add eternal sonota to this list. the tower

  28. you never mentioned any of the items from binding of isaac :/

  29. What about getting to be the Green Goblin in the Spiderman video game for ps2

  30. OHHHH back when I played MGS2 I always thought him pointing at himself just meant 'I have infinite ammo because I'm the main character', but now I realise that it's because it's a reference to the first metal gear solid. That whole section of MGS2 was a massive fourth wall break with the colonel going crazy and glitching.

  31. Ah yes. Infinite ammo.

    It one ups The Boss's Patriot.

  32. Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction have cool stuff after you finish.
    The first game it's a new story, new legendaries and a new leveling system for your monsters.
    The second game is basically the ability to turn the game into a pokemon nuzlocke for your next playthrough with a bunch of different settings to play with.

  33. Red Faction – Gorilla……..holy Ape ^^ !

  34. I only came here because I saw delsin from infamous

  35. i'm not sure if they would fit in this list per se, but there are 2 other games i know of on the ps2 that; after beating the game, unlock dungeons with 100 levels. the first is Rogue Galaxy. the second, is .hack//quarantine, which probably deserves its own set of videos because it's part 4 in a 7 game franchise for the ps2 where data carries over. well, except between part 4, and .hack//g.u. part 1

  36. I wanted to Paper powers so bad in Second son. Ugh.

  37. Metal gear rising? You unlock Jetstream Sam's sword and some other things in the new game+

  38. Honestly. I got DQ 11 on the switch 2 years ago and I'm still playing it. Mainly cause I only play rarely after going back in time

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