10 games that prove football is completely CRAZY | Oh My Goal - voxelo.us

10 games that prove football is completely CRAZY | Oh My Goal

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Liverpool, Barcelona, and AC Milan are all clubs with crazy histories in big competitions! The Champions League has seen Liverpool, Barcelona, and AC Milan take part in crazy games that prove football is completely mental!


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  1. I have play a 5 vs 5 game in 9 minutes 0-2 in 14 minutes 7-2

  2. Honourable mention:
    Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich
    Champions League final, 1999

  3. Matches that could be in this video:
    City 3:2 QPR
    Dortmund 3:2 Malaga
    Barcelona 5:4 Sevilla
    Bayern 5:1 Wolfsburg (because Lewa 5 goals in 9 mins)
    Dortmund 8:4 Legia

  4. Let's not forget that Greece also won the world Cup at 2004


  6. I was playing a friendly game well not so friendly game so we were losing 6 to 0 then we won 7 to 6

  7. I remember the Ajax and Tottenham game,that was the best day of my life

  8. Cricket is one of them like the final World Cup England vs West Indies but no game is like football

  9. 2004 "what a fantastic year" 24 June "Messi's birthday" . 24 june 2004 "My birthday "

  10. I was out for my first game, and we lost 8-1. When we went against them again we won 5-6

  11. In my training I was down 7-0 in the same match we Draw

  12. What About Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal FA Cup?

  13. Man ! Just watch Algerian Vs Cote De voire 2010 cup

  14. Why is there like 2 liverpool amazing comeback but it always 3 nile

  15. Barcelona have been in the limelight for so many memorable matches, may it be for or against.

  16. "Before we start, we have to let you know that 2004 was a CRAZY year in football!"

  17. Me as a Chelsea fan
    Um Barcelona vs Chelsea
    2009 reffere has remembers only his brain percentage which is 1
    Jk but come one how could you forget that one

  18. Liverpool vs Barcelona that was my favourite

  19. This channel pretty entertaining got me through my gym session easy.

  20. i did not cry i voted for Germany GErmany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Where was the Bayern Wolfsburg match with Lewandowski's 5 goals in 9 minutes?

  22. This litreally happened to me we were losing 2-0 in the 1 half then the second we scored 1 and the last shot was scored as well it was a tense match everyone was fouling for the win but we won in penalties

  23. Let's get one thing straight thou if naymar & Tiago was on that team in that match no one know what would have happen

  24. But still the craziest match in football history is Germany 7 Brazil 1 who would ever imagine that happening

  25. What about the champions league final 2008?

  26. my brothers team was losing 4-0 and won 5-4

  27. I was in a kids game ( cause I am 11) in a tournament in the group stage, my team I admit weren’t the best,and they still aren’t, but we lost our first game 4-0 and drew the other ones so we needed to get a heavy win. It was so bad half the team had left, but I was the captain so stuck around and we won all of are games and getting to the round of 16 and we would later win the trophie

  28. Barcelona's 2-8 humiliation against Bayern Munchen is another example of shocking loss.

  29. I'm suprised chelsea vs Ijax wasn't on there.What a match

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