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10 Modern Games With Crazy CHEAT CODES

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Games haven’t really been big into a good cheat code in quite a while, but some won’t let the tradition fall off. These modern games do not disappoint with cheat codes.
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  1. the bad things about gta 5 cheats is not having stuff like cars can fly, boats can fly, and cars can drive on water

  2. Should clear this up; Console commands are cheats, cheats were use developer actions that were used to test things and left in for the players to have fun with. Console commands are literally the same thing but far more advanced and flexible. They are cheats 😛 They're just convenient cheats. Console commands are usually left in when the developer is worried about their game being extremely buggy as well, no shock that Bethesda left theirs in most of their games lmao

  3. Who is talking?
    Sounds weird. Like he doesn't have the personality of Falcon or Jake

  4. Where’s jake/ falcon 🤔. Love games and this channel but he brings the humor really well.

  5. I would much rather listen to this guy than falcon and his monotone droning on. I skip almost every video he does.

  6. for me the best cheats were in gta:sa. buy my two favourites were stateofemergency and chittychittybangbang.

  7. Hilary Clinton isn’t on this list? Come on……

  8. I miss GTA San Andreas cheats. The only game I use cheats for now is ARK in singleplayer.

  9. F*** your recommendation I played Doom Eternal with the cheat you don't tell me what to do

  10. Been ahead of every game and been moving pass any stage swiftly since I met WHITELARZ on Instagram… gives me free cheat code for affordable fees… guys you should patronize him

  11. Uhh fallout and skyrim have mods on console.
    I usually bash on PlayStation at this point cause they cant do as much as xbox and pc with modding Bethesda games (thats why there's less mods on ps4)
    But most of the mods on ps4 are just mods that are like cheats, things like godmode and stuff.
    They can only use assets that are in the game.
    Xbox has access to abit more, but is still limited by its power.
    But still worth a mention in the video in my opinion.
    (And i cant emphasise enough that im not a fan of PlayStation at all, but im still saying that version of fallout 4 and skyrim is worth a mention as well)

  12. For CODmobile and Pubg hacks dm khalifbrown_xyz on Instagram he's good and reliable

  13. I just wish doom eternal wasn't a mess with game pass. Also requiring the download of the MP even if you only want the campaign is supid. it's not dlc. it's the campaigh.

  14. Hold up you showed a ps controller and and as stuff like a and b. That's not good content

  15. That's just lazy putting rd2 and sims as 2nd and 1st place, rd2 has terrible cheats, no unlimited health, it has some ok cheats but left a ton or good things to modders to have to fix, the sims4 is already easy enough it doesnt need cheats u can move into any house from the start and sell everything then move, and I'm sorry I'm complaining but f the sims 4, literally everything u showed in the clip was all dlc, it's a very terrible game for full price the sims 2 on gamecube was the greatest of all time, had a perfect story mode, had different modes of controlling the sims with controller instead of point and click, and all dlc was included free, aliens, different outfits it was all in the base game and it was amazing, instead of spending 1500 dollars on dlcs, I hate the sims now lol mainly eas fault

  16. Did you forget about ark?

  17. I like the old school model then the one in the remake… his purple is too bright and make him too "my little pony"
    Old one was approachable for all ages but still looked cool enough for older "edgier" kids lol.

  18. I enjoy turning Ratchets wrench into a lightsaber in UYA. nothing earth-shattering, just fun.

  19. I was actually thinking about when I last used cheats and, that was so, so long ago… tgm and psb

  20. console commands helped me get past some gamebreaking bugs on Skyrim and have helped on other games as well! not quite cheats but they serve a purpose

  21. Well I look for hours for the wizard in rage2 then saw he was in the shop for 2000 range coins and I'm not buying coins that are 20 bucks or I didn't search hard enough

  22. Why's there no A Bug's Life™ for PSX on here. Is Modern not modern in modern Tim's. Tomes

  23. Some would disagree with you on where to cheat they won't shut up about you cheating in single player games but shut up when you cheat on multiplayer games and there is a leaderboard seen it too much 1st hand

  24. Console commands is not "technically" a cheat.. it IS a cheat

  25. I want console commands but I’m on Xbox one :c

  26. Age of Empires II The Definitive Edition had some weird cheats that made things interesting. Among them are: Woof woof – turns birds into flying dogs. Alpaca Simulator – spawns the king of alpacas, Alfred. How do I turn this on – spawns a cobra car that can fire machine guns and Furious the Monkey Boy – spawns an orangutan with some very hight stats except for hit points.

  27. also saint 4 row Xbox 360 is better because of the golden gun cheat it does not work on xbox one

  28. I still remember old school sonic cheat. Up, down, left, right, A, start

  29. Yeeeeeah New guy!!! (Not so new)

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