109 pts! Crazy Game | Undefeated Liberty Hill (11-0) vs Pioneer (8-0) | Texas 5A Division II Playoff - voxelo.us

109 pts! Crazy Game | Undefeated Liberty Hill (11-0) vs Pioneer (8-0) | Texas 5A Division II Playoff

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109 pts! Crazy Game | Undefeated Liberty Hill (11-0) vs Pioneer (8-0) | Texas 5A Division II Playoff

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  1. there oline to good and yall should make a vid on #20 Liberty

  2. that qb 12 was flinging the pig skin & man but his team defense is trash omg but great win for liberty is there were clearly the better team

  3. Tejas football needs to go on lockdown until they can find some defense.

  4. When your qb is trash but you have 5 runningbacks and the best o-line

  5. Respect to #12 Eddie lee Marburg are, kids got the sauce.

  6. Pioneer might have the worst defensive line I’ve ever seen

  7. We gonna act like this isn’t a disgrace to defense on all corners of the US OF WRAP-UP A

  8. Pioneers qb didn’t have his mouth piece in damn near the whole game

  9. Both teams have an explosive offense with decent defense. Crazy game.

  10. πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›
    #17 liberty hill
    From South Florida
    Go LJ ‼️‼️

  11. If the Pioneer actually had a defense different game

  12. 42 didnt come to play he needs to go d1 immediately

  13. Of course the opposing teams having an outstanding offense doesn t have any affect on how the defense looks…

  14. Me tryna figure out how Pioneer hadn’t stopped the run the whole game πŸ€”

  15. Dude… Im just going to say it… the valley has not seen this kinda high octane offensive performance in 4th round , at the 5A level, in valley history… The 2003 Port Isabel Tarpons did this at the 2a level in the 4th round vs Altar rice and won 61-63 in triple OT Then lost in the 5th round, thats the only school that comes to mind that played at this high of a level of football in the valley. This game was ridiculous! Pioneer's Making a statement. maybe valley teams are state champion material or progressing to that level much faster.


  16. Wow I’m looking at pioneers defense and they just can’t handle this liberty hill offense that’s just sad to watch

  17. Now show the Crosby vs Liberty Hill game that ended 62-61

  18. Yeah theres a reason they say the slot t offense is the devil….. And to think liberty hill puts these kind of numbers up on everybody they play

  19. liberty offense is like trying to catch rats

  20. I guess the defense used some of its PTO and called out

  21. If liberty had a good defense the it would be different

  22. Watching Pioneer never give up is the best aspect of this game, not that Liberty Hill actually won. LH was thinking in the first quarter that the game was going to be a cakewalk; that Pioneer was just another easy RGV team. But by the third quarter, LH was thinking "oh sh@# these guys can actually beat us. " The main difference is that LH made a stop and blocked field goal when Pioneer closed the gap to one point. LH was the better team when they needed to be. If Pioneer scored on that drive at 42-41 to take the lead, however, they probably upset LH because LH defensive backs were gassed trying to cover all of Pioneer's receivers. Pioneer just needed to ensure they had ball last to keep lead, not try to achieve it. Either way, LH matched up much better versus Crosby the following week. Crosby would have beaten Pioneer much easier than they did LH.

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