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#11 Southern Miss vs LSU (CRAZY GAME!) | Winner To Super Regional | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Southern Miss and LSU played game 7 of the Hattiesburg Regional to decide who advances to the Super Regionals in the 2022 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Hilliard looks pretty nice. I could definitely see a pro career in his future. That windup alone is gonna get him a ton of strikeouts

  2. Southern miss deserved it. Back to back two strike hits in the ninth to set up the win. And a great play by the third basemen in the bottom half to get the leadoff hitter out

  3. Inconsistent pitching.
    Multiple errors per game. Jay Johnson has A LOT of work to do….

    Good (not great) season, Tigers!

  4. S! O! U! T-H-E-R-N! Southern Mississippi! U-S-M!!!

  5. This was beautiful to watch. Glad USM is gonna get some respect, they've been great

  6. Not even an LSU fan but that dogpile is so stupid. Like congrats you made it past the first round. No need to go insane

  7. Love your channel but u gotta start showing more of the celebration! Thats the best part

  8. Imagine dogpiling because you made a super regional lmfao glad LSU lost though

  9. Has to be the worst 2 strike pitch calls I ever seen in the 9th for LSU , your up in the count 1-2 and 0-2 and you serve up fastballs on a platter to a team that doesn’t strike out much. Pitch for weak contact and get them to chase in a high stress situation and LSU would be hosting at the box sad sight to see.

  10. I kinda knew LSU wasn’t gonna last for some reason

  11. Great win by the Golden Eagles! So proud of our guys!

  12. 4:57 the catcher missed the ball and it hit the ump square in the face… if thats me working the game is over fuck that

  13. Will you ever bring the yankee recaps back??

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