#14 Louisiana Tech vs LSU Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights - voxelo.us

#14 Louisiana Tech vs LSU Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU and Louisiana Tech played a midweek game in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Anyone else see that dope sling ring double celebration

  2. I was at that game! Loved it! GEAUX TIGERS!

  3. Are y’all doing the UT Vs TX So game even tho it was called off?

  4. good game. Part of me hopes Tech will go far this year. wish they could have finished the game. Hopefully B-Doughty's stat holds. Geaux tigers.

  5. It’s crazy to believe that my cousin is on LA Tech!!!

  6. Tigers starting to get hot. Must eliminate the base running errors.

  7. God bless Jesus loves and God has a plan for all have a blessed day great game

  8. LA Tech taking out their starter made no sense at all. Felt like they were waving the white flag when they made that move

  9. Tigers getting hot at the right time…but lately…no joke either!!

  10. La Tech no joke either!! Sry…SC

  11. This was the sloppiest game I've seen on this channel XD

  12. If lsu could play like this with their weekend rotation, instead of everyone tryin to hit nukes, we wouldn’t be outside looking in.

  13. And Gamecocks lost to Clemson 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  14. But this just shows how good the SEC is.. Tech is a really good team but the SEC is basically AA dude

  15. I like how tech copies the Ole Miss Blues basically 🤣🤣 i love blue so cant hate! Just think its funny.. but LSU was straight sloppyyy early this game.. then would make a great play lol

  16. What a comeback by LSU too.. Morgan is gonna be special..

  17. That LA tech right fielder had many horrible routes and in that 4th inning, none of the runs should have crossed if the ss makes that play

  18. Tre Morgan should be ALL AMERICAN as a true freshman, incredible!!!

  19. This has to be the first time where I seen LA Tech is ranked and LSU isn't while they're playing each other

  20. Why does college use metal bats? Why not use wooden

  21. that la tech right fielder was ass couldnt read any ball

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