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1Q (1000000000000) CUBES GONE CRAZY 2048.io SUPER FAST

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Cubes 2048 is a really interesting game. At the start of the game, there are many challenges that you will face. Just like in the case of real World scenario, where less powerful/ small countries or people are more prone to being harmed by the powerful/ countries bigger in size and economies.
The more you move ahead in the game and keep multiplying your strength, you face less danger. The game’s algorithm is also something to watch for as your opponents may at once become bigger in size and number than you and become an existential threat for you. You have to be on the look out for “2X” which will at once make your number double and be aware of the “-2X” that will at once reduce to half of your score.
On Mcbook, you can play in the website of crazy games but if you play for longer duration, the game hangs and then there is no method of retrieving the game, so you will lose all your progress and then will have to start from the scratch.
So to reach Quadrillion, the best way is to play in breaks and do not close the tab/browser. You can simply switch to next tab and then make the MacBook stand by instead of shutting it down.
In this video, it took me three days of playing at different intervals to reach one quadrillion (1Q).

1. You start from cubes numbered as 2.
2. Then keep multiplying to reach 1k (1000). You can do this by eating away lesser scores people/ bots or finding 2X to reach this.
3. After keep adding, you will hit one Million (1M).
4. From 1M, you have to reach 1000M (one thousand Million) to reach the magical figure of 1B (one Billion).
5. The next target is one Trillion (1T) which you can get after hitting 1000 Billion 💵.
6. You have to now reach 1000 Trillion to reach ONE QUADRILLION (1Q).

Besides entertainment this game teaches kids mathematics specially multiplication and explaining the value of Millions and Billions.
At least my 5 years old kid has Learnt the values from this game.

Hopefully you enjoy the video and support the channel by subscribing and sharing my videos.

Stay safe and blessed 😊

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