#2 Florida vs Oral Roberts (CRAZY GAME!) | College World Series 1-0 Game | 2023 College Baseball - voxelo.us

#2 Florida vs Oral Roberts (CRAZY GAME!) | College World Series 1-0 Game | 2023 College Baseball

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Florida Baseball and Oral Roberts Baseball played in the winners bracket in the 2023 College World Series. The winner would improve to 2-0 in bracket play, meaning they would only need 1 win in 2 tries to advance to the College World Series Finals, while the loser would play TCU in an elimination game on Tuesday, needing a total of 3 consecutive wins in elimination games to move on.

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  1. Mad props to ORU man. That's a good baseball team.

  2. This OR team is dangerous. Coming out of the losers bracket they may make some noise in that lower half.

  3. love the editing, thanks so much for posting this.

  4. @8:27 why is the catcher pulling the ball up if it's a strike, especially that far up?

  5. The ump in the game Florida vs. Virginia was great, but the ump for this game was low-key dog water

  6. I have no horse in this race, but the home plate ump has gotta be UF alum

  7. @11:38, why is the catcher pulling the pitch back into the strike zone?

  8. Oral Roberto was a religious freak and a lunatic.

  9. I picked Florida, but Damn it! I Was pulling for Oral Roberts

  10. 🐅 vs 🐊 for the championship 💥💥💥 I want that matchup. I think Tennessee will win their next game as well.

  11. Florida SS did just about all he could to give OrU the game. Both teams played great ball, good game

  12. Everytime I'm like "yes the roid boys are going to lose," and they find a way to get lucky (first game) or squeak it out (this game). 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. When things don’t always go your way but you still win It’s freaking awesome
    Who is supposed to be keeping track of visits to the mound Bet that shit won’t happen again

  14. #2 and #15 already standing at attention after a he bomb is gold

  15. I was at this one. What a game. ORU shoulda won this one with all those hits, Florida got lucky.
    And BY GOD, can they change the rules on reviews/challenges?? It's godawful how many stoppages there were. The organ guy was having the best day of his life with all the time to fill. Lol

    Great day at the park. These games have been very entertaining

  16. Never seen so many HBP in a CWS game. Fuck ORU and their cult-like campus.

  17. They don’t follow gods will. They follow their own version. Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

  18. Both teams had chances to blow this open. It was a good game. It has been a real good CWS with the exception of a few Umpires. But they have been consistently bad for all the teams. So far all the games but one has been a one run game.

  19. 12:43 strike call lol when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

  20. 13:35 I can't remember the last time I saw a ball drop right on the chalk that far into left field

  21. Am I hearing things or did the blue legitimately call the pitch at 2:48 low??

  22. Terrible field play by UF Thai game. Shortstop had a real stinker of a game outside of his HR. Super pitching for the first 6 innings and hr’s saved us. Oral Roberts hung in there and just missed a comeback win on that last pitch. Go Gators!

  23. a huge university like florida should know how to count to 6 instead of 7. unbelivable mistake. oru had them right where the wanted only for that last ab. again.

  24. Geez the ump this game must’ve given Florida everything from what I’ve seen.

  25. He never touch the 2nd base how was that a double play wtfff

  26. I know most if these we're tough catches but could a UF outfielder please make a catch!? Also that inside the park home run was ridiculous as well by the outfield. They we're not paying attention on that play.

  27. All the outfielders on both teams look fucking lost . Error after error

  28. Gators got the hits and outs that mattered. And that's all that matters!

  29. Where do you get the footage of games? Like other highlights? I'm trying to make my own highlight channel.

  30. That strike zone was bigger than a little league strike zone.

  31. Good grief Wheels. Keep to cameras focused on where the balls go – not the base runners. The BALLS.

  32. Good game but not sure what makes it “crazy.” Seemed to me like a pretty standard competitive game.

  33. they need to start using wood bats in college baseball, there is no reason other than sponsorship money to use aluminum.

  34. this florida defense is dogpiss same with the ump behind the plate

  35. Oral Roberts Coach needs to teach his pitcher how to control himself. Pitcher celebrating like hes hot shit down 2 runs hits the leadoff batter and then throws the ball away at first… then bush league first basemen tries to hold the runner down with his glove without the ball. Learn to play baseball the right way and you might get some better luck at the end of the game.

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