#2 Vanderbilt v #14 Florida Highlights (Leiter v Mace, Crazy Game) | 2021 College Baseball Highlight - voxelo.us

#2 Vanderbilt v #14 Florida Highlights (Leiter v Mace, Crazy Game) | 2021 College Baseball Highlight

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Florida and Vanderbilt played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. I’m sorry but that cole wick kid absolutely sold

  2. number 6 lost the game on his own hahaha

  3. Oh how i wish Arkansas and Vandy played each other this year

  4. Leiter has been out pitched in back to back weekends now

  5. Litter is so overrated, and the second baseman is dog balls

  6. you can see how much the commentators are against vandy lmaooo

  7. I’ve grown to really dislike Vanderbilt baseball recently. The stomping on home plate every time they hit a homer, the fact that they never have anyone show up to watch their home games, and the “vandy boys” thing is lame as hell. They just seem so pretentious.

  8. leiter's body looks tired, falling forward and not driving as much as he used to and arm is dragging

  9. Who is that Vandy second baseman? What he have 3-4-5 errors? O.m.g.

  10. Leiter's arm must be getting wiped. FB not moving, nor near as fast. Breaking balls are mediocre this game, at best, and control was not good. How do you miss low on a FB that is supposed to be above the letters?

    Bradfield was fun to watch. The first play should have been routine, but he made that pitcher and first baseman look like little t-ballers with that pressure he put on them. He has some speed on him.

    Vandy second baseman just flat struggled. Tried rushing the transfers all game.

  11. The Gators look cheesy stomping on home plate after hitting a home run thinking they are cool. Like come up with your own celebration, dont copy other teams

  12. So thats Georgia and Florida taking series from Vandy right??

  13. Bradfield Jr is my favorite to watch… kid is enhancing his draft stock soooo much!

  14. Letter really gotta develop that off speed. He won’t be better than an alright relief pitcher if he can’t. He is obviously super young so he can develop but it is surprising he still doesn’t have a great one at this level

  15. got to sit that 2nd baseman after that 2nd error, too many talented players on the bench to continue having the same guy throw up on himself for the rest of the game

  16. 3 errors for Tate Kolwyck in this game and they still started him in the Sunday game. He's only hitting 0.260, why in the world is he in the lineup.

    Leiter needs to focus on hitting his spots again. He left WAY too many over the plate and hung so many breaking balls and Florida made him pay for it. Not gunna get away with that.

  17. wow, bruh every time Vandy loses no one ever gives credit to the other team. It's not like the 11 runs just appeared there.

  18. People thinking twice about leiter being better than rocker

  19. Is Leiter healthy? His velocity is down and his off speed pitches look flat.

  20. Leiter is super predictable. Probably why he's getting hit recently.

  21. Where’s the Jack Leiter haters?? He’s looking inhuman with that rising fastball filthy


  23. I knew it was a matter of time for the batters to hit Leiter

  24. Cant be looking on the last strike of the ball game com on vandy

  25. Pitchers have got to stop with this underhand bullshit to first base.

  26. Leiter just seems to be tired from the long season his velocity is down a lot

  27. The cheerful heat directly squeeze because arithmetic experimentally fail absent a cloistered cemetery. fixed, scintillating kettle

  28. Two really good hitting teams, makes the pitchers look worse

  29. Home plate stomp is corny cringe tacky whack lame and super duper GAY

  30. if Jack Leiter is going to keep pitching like a 'power-pitcher' exclusively, his best bet would be to watch video of David Cone – that's one pitcher who would be similar in mental approach. if however, he was more interested in longevity, he should watch a Jimmy Key, or a Marco Estrada, or a Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine.

  31. Who else couldn't see the ball during the game

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