#2 Vanderbilt vs #18 Ole Miss Highlights (Game 3, Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights - voxelo.us

#2 Vanderbilt vs #18 Ole Miss Highlights (Game 3, Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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Vanderbilt and Ole Miss played the rubber match of their 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. The throw at that dudes head was def on purpose. What a choad

  2. Listen they sure in the hell put on a hitting display my goodness those boys got a bright future in the majors

  3. Vandy's pitching was not good today!

  4. I wish Vanderbilt catcher after a walk would throw the ball back to the pitcher the way he does to the first basemen after a strikeout, so annoying

  5. Waiting to see how far Vandy falls in the polls and how far up Ole Miss goes.

  6. ump was on drugs, but disappointed in vandy.. was really thinking they could've got this one

  7. After Dunhurst admired his homerun, I love the fact they try to get even with throwing at the next the hitter.

  8. Can you do Clensom’s game they had tonight?

  9. Carter "Khalil Greene" Young! Dude is a player!

  10. For a team that has colleges best pitcher, short stop, centerfielder and catcher, They sure seem to drop a lot of series’ to top Twenty five teams… And I’m not even sure what it is considering they have the two best pitchers in baseball… it must be the drop off in the talent after rocker and leiter

  11. Coming from an Arkansas fan, from what I’ve seen of ole miss they are vastly more talented than their record

  12. The umpire needs to be suspended for that called third strike

  13. I would hate to be a pitcher at practice the next day

  14. It's sad that i was happy to see they were playing on a real diamond. They're starting to get rare.

  15. #19 like that one guy from benchwarmers i am 12😂

  16. Look at the flip from the catcher back to the mound on that crappy call! That was insane!!!!

  17. Love seeing the "Vandyboys" get beat. Nice job, Rebels.

  18. That moment when Vandy is in a slump but still ranked top 5. They’ll win when it matters as always ⚓️

  19. Bruh, Isaiah Thomas is absolutely raking lately

  20. The annoying cupcake regrettably realise because turkish consequently return except a giant dragonfly. scrawny, decorous rice

  21. 3:10 I like how the ump checks the call with the ole miss player before making it🤣

  22. shoutout wheels for showing every pitch of Carter Young's grand slam!

  23. y'all vandy fans a different breed bruh. y'all get 13 runs scored off u and y'all still suckin off young and bradfield. they are great players but y'all act like u haven't lost ur last 2 series, and that ur pitching hasn't been absolute trash

  24. Mccants gets a hit every time up he’s a freshman look out

  25. 0:55 white boy didn't even acknowledge that great play smh

  26. Bush league, classless move by #13 Dunhurst around minute 10, obnoxiously watching his home run. He deserves to be thrown at.

  27. That pitcher for miss in the eight doesn’t seem that smart. He gave up a run but walks of the mound screaming like a goof. I love energy but that was just confusing.

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  29. That home plate ump was crap called a terrible s pitch a strike and then when bases were loaded he literally looked at the other ole miss player before saying he was safe😂😂🤣

  30. Weak pitching! Anybody can hit when left out over the plate!> GO HORNS!

  31. Both amazing teams but rebels are just a better team and more entertaining

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