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2018 CWS: Full inning of Oregon State’s crazy Game 2 comeback vs. Arkansas

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Down to its final out, Oregon State staved off elimination with an amazing rally to beat Arkansas in Game 2 of the 2018 CWS finals. Watch the full top of the ninth inning here.

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  1. To many fastballs and got to predictable with location. I would have gone to a outside change up with a lefty P and a righty batting. also can NEVER walk the lead off guy

  2. That right fielder has to come in and take charge of that ball, he's got the best run at it….going to be on instructional videos for decades.

  3. God Oregon State was loaded this year with future top-notch MLB prospects

  4. Love how Arkansas lost, serves that Jackass Van Horn right.👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I've seen this about 50 times and it never gets old. "Please give that pitch to Larnach again…"

    OH SHIT!!! HE DID!!!!

  6. This ones definitely on the right fielder for having the best view and angle on the ball and then just stops for no reason

  7. It was the year for the Beavs! What a talented team.

  8. Maybe you had to be there, but this didn't seem that "crazy" to me.

  9. Thank god for that dropped ball. Arkansas was outplayed in all 3 games. It would have been a travesty if the Beavs didn't go home with the title. Baseball gods knew this, and delivered.

  10. Last time I checked a baseball inning consists of 6 outs, try again

  11. The beavs absolutely crushed the sec that year,

  12. Imagine after the hit he just gets picked at 1st 😂

  13. Don't describe what happens in the damn title you boob!

  14. I remember watching this live and couldn’t believe nobody caught that pop up! Glad they didn’t though, because OSU was my pick.

  15. I still get nervous watching this, and I know what's going to happen!

  16. Man. As a hog fan, this game was a lot of fun until it wasn’t

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  18. Still amazes me that OSU won CWS with their best player (Madrigal .367 BA season) in a slump, their best pitcher (Heimlich 16-3, 2.92 ERA season) going 0-1 and their productive lead-off hitter (Kwan .463 OBP season) essentially on the bench, injured. Monster Championship series' by Rutschman (8/13), Larnach (5/11) and Abel (2-0) still got the job done.

  19. The sight of all those sorry ass Pigs filming before that base hit. I wonder if they got a good video! They went from a strike away to complete despair in the span of like 2 minutes HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. The 37 dislikes are the damaged grass blades from the dropped fly ball

  21. These were the two best teams that year. It was an awesome series!

  22. I never realized it until now but mullholland the relief pitcher who had the crazy double play to end the game was celebrating the Larnach home run with the boys in the dugout which means he literally had to get his gear and head to the pen between innings. Which is why Abel started the inning.

  23. I love SEC baseball and was rooting hard for Arkansas. This ultimate choke job was disgusting. A real “hog killin”. 😂😂😂

  24. 14:00 if they communicate better and catch that foul this series is over, that’s insane!

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  26. Hey NCAA, that's a half inning not a "Full inning".

  27. As a Razorback fan I knew it was over for us once that ball hit the ground. Cant give a team like that years beavers second life. I hate my dad and brother were in the stands for that heartbreaker.

  28. Decided to watch this again for the umpteenth time, Trevor getting the callup today was the trigger. Go Beavs. Still must still hurt if you are a Hogs fan.

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  30. The Oregon St Pop Up In Foul Ground Cost Arkansas The College World Series… Sort Of Speak.

  31. I've never laughed harder at anything than the missed popup… until I saw the killer two-run homer 🤣

  32. I’m an LSU baseball fan and I usually pull for SEC teams. I was pulling for Arkansas that night, until “the drop” happened. I was so pissed that I invested emotion into the Razorbacks that I pull for anyone playing against them now. This years Super Regional was so sweet😂😎🤣😎 when I watch this replay it looks like curly, mo and larry trying to play baseball. Who’s on first?😂😂😂

  33. This is the type of loss that can ruin a school’s program for years to come!

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