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22 CREEPIEST Easter Eggs In Video Games

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22 CREEPIEST Video Game Easter Eggs

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  1. The deer head is a very clear Evil Dead reference!

  2. why always when you stop talking you raise your voice so much

  3. The deer head is a reference to the Evil Dead 2 Movie

  4. Anything bioshock based is just not scary to me because I swear bishock was supposed to be a mixture of fun and horror

  5. The deer from viscera cleanup is a reference to Evil Dead

  6. I remember playing halo 3 as a kid and finding the monkeys randomly, then I started searching on YouTube for more Easter eggs in games w that cheesy music in the background that was in every other video

  7. The last one about candle is who still alive due to candle being lit represent one life. Which mean among those people in the picture wall some of them are still alive.

  8. CoD: Finest Hour has a lot of weird easter eggs. That just happens to be the weirdest one. There is a secret room in one of the North Africa missions with ghosts playing some instruments. There is also a secret room on another mission where you can find soldiers break dancing.

  9. "This is the scariest thing you'll ever see, but it has n9thing on this, but this next one will make the last two look like a kids book, the next one makes you last one look like a saint".

  10. What's the game in the Thumbnail? This looks so weird

  11. Great content wothout boringly long back stories, just straight to the points with a few giggles, perfection!

  12. Nobody is talking about the thumbnail from the video

  13. Get it now and unleash the gamer within you!

  14. For Bioshock Infinite, there's a very good reason why that statue appears: the title of the thing says it was set up by Sander Cohen. If you haven't played the game, the short version is that Cohen is the sickest freak in a city of sick freaks and loves disturbing "art." In fact, given how much Cohen loves using real corpses in his work, are you sure that is a statue?

  15. A disturbing creature? A hippo? Really.

  16. Dead island is not my favorite zombie game but I loved it what it is

  17. I swear I just saw a video with the EXACT same list of easter eggs

  18. I found the please don’t touch anything secret in vr😢😢

  19. Tunnel B2 of Infra is horror straight out of The Backrooms.

  20. I really enjoy that this list isnt just a copy/paste of other creepy easter egg lists.

  21. A Lil too quick to digest how creepy they all are. But still cool I guess

  22. This is the first time i hear tylers voice it is deep as hell man its like those kids from roblox making their voice as deep as possible

  23. The foating ghost in Metal Gear Solid 5 should've been on this list.

  24. I clicked on this video expecting to see Jerma's face in Garry's Mod. I've been scammed

  25. Am I alone on this or did the face @ 4:55 look like the Marionette from FNAF?

  26. For number one,

    Call of Duty has had quite a little bit of history with Teddy Bears, really only in the Zombies gamemode as it is pretty much the whole symbol of Samantha Maxis.

  27. Take a damn breath for God's sake

    This is so grating to try and listen to

  28. Is the easter egg in Death Stranding a nod to the Kojima Silent Hills game that never came out?

  29. i love clicking on a video like this and i end up already knowing all of the easter eggs
    also, number 21 is just concept art? not even an easter egg?

  30. man the one bioshock infinite almost made me turn on my pc lol

  31. I don’t know why, but I kinda wanna eat the maggots.

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