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3 Sega Crazy Games: Movie Based Games

Nfamiz Jay
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3 Sega Crazy Games: Movie Based Games

Welcome back to a new 3 games in 1 episodic adventure! I haven’t done a trio like this for a long time but here we are! Re-Introducing the series and in this one we play “Jurassic Park, Predator 2, and Demolition Man all for the Sega Genesis. These games left me in wow, and you’ll see why lol.

Thank you for watching and Stay Tuned for more!!


  1. I seriously think I played this Jurassic Park game! It seems so familiar lol I love how they all attack/act differently too like in the movie. Predator 2 looking like you picking up liquor bottles and cigarettes what??! lmfaoooo Demolition Man seemed real cool (my fave)! I liked that Wesley Snipes was in it and also when you shot people their damn skeletons flashed haha! Awesome video Jay!!

  2. Lol 🤣 at the beginning lol 🤣

    Have you got eaten by T-Rex.

    Welcome to Jayassic World lol 🤣

  3. Have you tried Last Action Hero, Dick Tracy or even VR Troopers games, they are difficult games. But giving you some more titles, what about The Lawnmower Man another Movie game. Believe me I've played it.

  4. Predator 2 wow I'm really enjoyed doing this game myself on my channel.

  5. If you shoot the doors, where's the guys come out of, I know how you feel about this Predator 2 game, plus if you don't save the hostages, the predator will kill them or you.

  6. I'm really enjoyed this one Jay Watched it in Full. Looking forward to the next one.

  7. Believe it or not jurassic park for sega is a very good game. Just hard as crap lol 😆. Dude i was really intrigued by demolition man it seemed really cool just garbage controls and sly acted like he was on meth. As far as predator 2 man they did danny glover wrong

  8. The Jurassic Park game had some great derpy charm to it. It looked like it was the most fun too. The third played way too fast. Not even CoD multiplayer is that fast. The second is one of the oddest bullet hell games I've ever seen. And the predator should have made an appearance in the beginning.

  9. As a kid I remember jurassic park being such a hard game haha!

  10. Back in the day I hated that Jurassic Park game with a passion lol. I played the Sega Cd version. That predator game looks nothing like the movie lol. Demolition Man game didn't look bad tho.

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