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What do you get when you cross a cat with some toast… WEIRD GAMES!!
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  1. Winter Stalker married 2 kids cute 4'3 says:

    everyone meet homer simpson as a bear XD

  2. ꧁B͜͡r͜͡o͜͡o͜͡k͜͡l͜͡y͜͡n͜͡꧂ says:

    2:50” Hyper speed mother fvcka”🏃‍♀️💨😏✨

  3. 𝘋𝘢𝘻𝘦𝘥 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘬𝘪𝘦 says:

    "why didnt it just say Y/N? That would have been scarier!" .. mark have you read the X reader fanfiction?

  4. In drunken dad simulator the sun has a face

  5. Waiting for this to start popping in up in people's recommended

  6. Cat:fuck this shit I'm going up you can't unstuck my claws

  7. To everyone, ILY and you matter. I'm here for you.

  8. I just got jumpscared by his fucking glasses

  9. why does markiplier sound like soos from gravity falls?

  10. For anyone who wants to skip the parkour fails in confraternity of toast the timestamp is 20:34

  11. Why does this tost look like SpongeBob 😅

  12. ''if you werent such a hipster about it''

    oh imma steal this line

  13. The jumping puzzle for the toast game reminds me of the platform of sections for the game boy version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Swirly background that makes you absolutely motion sick

  14. that was a horror game, mark. no horror game without proper warning.

  15. For the toast thing,just listen to when he fail,don't watch,for all you dirty minded people like me,it sometimes don't sound right

  16. who eles tried to make it, but just could not and ended up skipping the parkor part?

  17. Humans evolved to the point where we make games based off of toast….. food….

  18. “J QRZN” is a 13+ Caesar cypher for “W DEMA”
    The toast in the shrine said, “W our superior!”
    Dema is the creator of the game

  19. Just gonna leave this hear that I just saw a trailer for a game called EVERTALE that I think mark should play

  20. how tf did i get scared by a freaking stone ball in the 2nd game

  21. I just noticed Mark is wearing glasses.
    Nice glasses!

  22. um a game on the ps4 called caterroll damige is cinda the same

  23. like my mother always said 48th time the charm

  24. ok now i think Markiplier is actually controlling my cat

  25. This is actually really cool

  26. The material substance indirectly borrow because vision outstandingly plant concerning a dramatic bugle. fixed, lewd cancer

  27. mark goes to an obstacle
    Me- this should be funny
    mark dies 48 times
    me who laughed my ass off watching him rage

  28. I was eating toast while you played the confraternity of toast

  29. Glad it's not Drunken Dad Stimulator as I read quickly when clicking on the video. Simulator makes more sense lol

  30. I think the "extra toast" was the ends of the loaf 🤣

  31. When markiplier says that its hard on toast that what she sayd

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