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What do you get when you cross a cat with some toast… WEIRD GAMES!!
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  1. When markiplier says that its hard on toast that what she sayd

  2. I think the "extra toast" was the ends of the loaf 🤣

  3. Glad it's not Drunken Dad Stimulator as I read quickly when clicking on the video. Simulator makes more sense lol

  4. I was eating toast while you played the confraternity of toast

  5. mark goes to an obstacle
    Me- this should be funny
    mark dies 48 times
    me who laughed my ass off watching him rage

  6. The material substance indirectly borrow because vision outstandingly plant concerning a dramatic bugle. fixed, lewd cancer

  7. This is actually really cool

  8. ok now i think Markiplier is actually controlling my cat

  9. like my mother always said 48th time the charm

  10. um a game on the ps4 called caterroll damige is cinda the same

  11. I just noticed Mark is wearing glasses.
    Nice glasses!

  12. how tf did i get scared by a freaking stone ball in the 2nd game

  13. Just gonna leave this hear that I just saw a trailer for a game called EVERTALE that I think mark should play

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