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BE STRONG FOR MOTHER!! I have no idea what’s going on in these games and I LOVE IT!!
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  1. "Can anything be without legs?"

    Getting over it: Hold my beer

  2. A snake could still be a thing without legs

  3. This is just mark showing off his improve/ acting skills

  4. Snake watching this

    “ am I a joke to you “

  5. no legs you know how it is ” yes a really normal thing 👍

  6. 😂 I'm not even a minute in and I felt like I watch a whole series

  7. i got body hiding sim the other day. I killed afew people and hid the bodies from my wife. i then played body hiding sim

  8. The train game shows you the daily commute of Filipinos, on a good day.

  9. My legs got tubed has been updated with more levels

  10. I love how when mark is stuck in the second game in the trash can,hes just like: it appears i am stuck

  11. I hate how bad they are at hand simulator.. it makes me click off every hand simulator vid he’s ever made cause its just to cringe when you can do .. annnnnnnnnything right on a game you just suck … why even play it wheres the funny ? Its just boring when you such that bad 🙂 pretty simple but you think everything you do is hilarious so no worries i get it

  12. Mark's neighbors must be very concerned

  13. 12:30 I keep flinching at this? it's not even scary, even when I see it coming, I jump💀

  14. Body Hiding Simulator was basically the premise for "Mother!" .

  15. Ye i feel like you cant make children if you dont have legs if you know what i mean (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)


  17. The puppetry on that arms game was just masterful 🤣

  18. Mark at 7:28: ah, a new home, for me…
    Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy intensifies

  19. Lmaooo i never seen mark so feminine at the end he turned into machelaplier or maiaplier

  20. The second game: when you buy gorilla tag from wish 😂

  21. “Can anything be anything without legs?!”
    Snakes and fish: am I a joke to you?

  22. I need everything Mark says during My Legs Got Tubed to be synced up to Calculon.

  23. I like how Mark didn’t go to the second level in my legs got tubed

  24. Imagine making 3 weird games with 3.6M views 3 years ago with 33M subscribers

  25. If his facecam wasn't there for the stickman, THAT CHARACTER NEEDS TO BE NARRATED BY MARK

  26. Now I know where Captainsauce got his inspiration from

  27. Your copying captain sauce with his three random games and those are all games he played

  28. Every time I see this I cant stop laughing 😂

  29. "Can anything be anything without legs? I SAY NAY!"
    Anyone and anything without legs: Ehem, are you sure?

  30. Game 1:stuck! – start of video
    Game 2: my legs got tubed – 4:53
    Game 3: body hiding simulator – 12:02

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