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It’s about time I dive down into the rabbit hole of WEIRD GAMES!!
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  1. all the russian people that can understand this song in this smoking simulator :0

  2. the first one seems like a commentary on something but i just don’t know what it’s commenting on

  3. me watching tooth brush simulator: ah yes this happens to me every single day, i can relate

  4. Zombie princess had no business being that hot ?

  5. "youre tallllll… youre very tall…" the signs were always there


  7. Markiplier: There has To Be more into this…
    1. Mirror Jumpscare
    2. Goes to Hell
    3. Discovers the truth about the game
    Markiplier: I Think my life has changed!

  8. Ffs the toothbrush hell song stucked in my head :")

  9. toothbrushing simulator literally made me cry from laughing , wtf did i just watch BAHAHAJAJSH 😭😭⁉️

  10. I remember seeing gameplay of tooth brushing simulator before but it was years ago and I remembered the guy falling and it’s true he did

  11. Is nobody gonna mention there was 4 ganes

  12. Okay hear me out. Imagine chillin with a homie and you just turn into a dj with just your voice.

  13. 4:54 It’s actually kinda funny and awkward when you understand that he made a song out Russian bad words

  14. I love that the comments on this video are just people clowning on Mark for playing the furry game

  15. July 27, 2021 1:46AM
    RNG # 56 of 414 ( 55 is Untitled Goose Game… Dodged a whopping 2 hours and 22 minutes there. I remember when you streamed that)
    I'm also pretty sure I remember this video.
    Teeth Brushing Simulator ( 0:07 )
    I remember this. This game gets weird. Super weird. I guess that's why you called it a "weird game".
    0:46 Hey, Mark, why do you have a super-clicker enabled? Use those fingies.
    1:11 Oh, just the sound of existential dread. 1:23 Or that.
    1:43 heh heh. your hand.
    2:16 Just a normal day, normal time brushing my teeth, nothing weird here
    2:23 "Hello piece of shit. You brushed your teeth for too long and get to hell for abusing us. You are fucked. Run." — WHAT? Dude, I take a long time when I brush my teeth, I like to be thorough. This could happen to me.
    3:23 Never brush my teeth again unless I want to see this wild stuff. Got it.

    (Title in Russian) "Slav Squat Simulator .. ? ( 4:11 )
    4:27 OH, this is the game where I learned the Russian term "Cyka BLATT" or however it's spelt / said. I work with a girl who is Russian and I told her that was pretty much the only thing I knew. Told her where I heard it from and she laughed.
    5:09 Russian humor is obviously a very refined taste. Cost a whole $0.50. Jeez, I bet that broke the bank.

    Tower Princess ( 5:18 )
    6:05 Voice <3 Sometimes I wonder if you ever like looking back on these things.
    7:00 Another fun one [:
    7:33 Reaction time for enemies is definitely a bit delayed~ But it's a demo, so I wonder how this game is doing now. 8:53 Yes~
    10:01 Hi~ I'm a Princess 😛
    10:22 Gelatinous Cubes, those are D&D classic right there
    11:06 Yes, you are <3
    11:49 The love for tall women showing itself
    12:00 Awkward flirting, so funny ^_^
    12:44 Mr. Strong muscles
    13:11 She couldn't resist that Markiplier charm
    14:08 ooh lala, love me a good hot dog~
    15:43 A date <3 That would have been a nice feature in the demo

    Bird By Example ( 15:51 )
    16:08 69, nice
    16:41 ahh yes, this one and its odd body mechanics
    17:08 Ahh, so the A.I. learns~ Forgot about that aspect
    18:51 The SECRET! 19:55
    20:13 <3
    21:25 Yes, Mark, I believe you will be happy, and I pray you'll be happy. You seem very much happy nowadays. I will say you seemed a bit down or maybe preoccupied with other thoughts in this as compared to your normal enthusiasm. Just noticing in hindsight.
    21:53 THANK YOU, Mark! Thank you for playing all these games, even in times when it seems like maybe it wasn't what you preferred to be doing. You are truly amazing and inspirational.

  16. It’s dumb that I clicked on this video and forgot it was a Markiplier video. I haven’t watched a Markiplier video in 2 days lmaoo

  17. Guys….. tall undead princess…. guys do you see what I see… dimitrescu…. I'm telling u….

  18. The camera zoom in on Mark’s face at 3:35 and his reactions as
    “I paid money for that”
    “This game night kill me in 7 days”
    “I’m losing memories from my childhood”
    Absolutely killed me😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  19. I think teeth brushing simulator broke marks mind for at least 1 minute

  20. Watching this again, I feel like that Teeth Brushing Simulator should have it's own category, it's not weird, but more like "Brain-Breaking-WTF". We need more videos of him playing these games and at the end Mark loses all of his IQ for a month or something. lol

  21. Markiplier was talking about the nose

  22. Bruh i didnt get scared >:( i wnat a refund

  23. So is the princess game out in full yet?

  24. i actually really liked tower princess!! i’m not a gamer but that’s the type of game i’d probably enjoy playing

  25. 1:50 chokes on toothbrush, heart gives out, kidneys fail and lungs collapse!

  26. Toothbrushing simulator was pretty wicked

  27. I know this video is a few years old now but I sincerely lost my shit over the teeth brushing simulator. The pure radical ridiculousness had me stunned and then wheezing uncontrollably OMG

  28. "Man, that teeth brushing simulator was FUCKED…"
    sees that it was Russian

  29. 12:35 He really should have said "I bet you have a deadly sense of humor!"
    Ha! Ha! Funny, right?

    Ok, I'll show myself out

  30. Marks face in the beginning looks like he’s seen some shit

  31. In The Divine Comedy, there are centaurs in one layer of hell that prevent the damned from escaping their torment. I'd have to look up what specific layer it is, but that could be the reason for the centaur.

  32. 2/3 is russian bad words I am russian so I understand these!

  33. he just blew right on past the realistic bird skeleton like it wasn't;t weird

  34. I was brushing my teeth while watching tooth brushing simulator

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