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Sometimes games are scary… sometimes games are awesome… and SOMETIMES games are just plain old WEIRD!!
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  2. The thumbnail of this video looks weirdly familiar for some reason

  3. Mark frantically saying “weeee woooo”

  4. Parts I laughed hard at:
    21:11 "No Come back here (3x)
    19:07 "Wh– NO!"
    21:17 "Get back here! Get back! Get– Nooo ghost toast!"

    Thats all lol

  5. Did anyone else actually buy Verlet Swing because its a good game

  6. I think the swing game would be badges in vr

  7. And this video is why I listen with headphones 😂😂😂 “it’s so hard guys” oh my god I’m rolling

  8. "Don't take this out of context"

    Proceeds to say things so bad that they start to sound suggestive in-context

  9. " Nooooooo !!!"
    " Ghost toast !!!!!"
    " Mah table !!!.."😡😡

  10. I legit changed my steam name to Ghost Toast because of this video

  11. i had a bad day today but you cheered me up instantly
    i just wanna say thank you so much :>

  12. I need to see mokeysniper play the first game

  13. Mark: dont take this out of context
    Me: its a bit too late for that mark

  14. me trying to sleep:

    mark: you guys its so hard! ah its so hard! its not big but its hard! i dont know if i can do it! its so hard guys!

  15. I feel like the third game is much funnier when you pretend like the skeleton is the one talking XD

  16. "It's not big but it's hard."

    That's. What. She. Said.

  17. Mark has a special technique to eating cereal

  18. markiplier 2018: guys did you know that it's hard ugh it's so hard no one take this out of context oh it's so hard oh god you gotta join in on this im sweating it's not very big but it's hard i keep getting stuck in the crack i don't want my head to slam into the crack anymore oh it's so hard

  19. Do you put milk or the cereal first?

    Mark: You put the table first. Amateurs.

  20. No-one will know how much hearing Mark say "what is up, my cranky crew" pleases me. 🤍🖤

  21. And another comment. I think this is the funniest video of Marks I've ever seen. OMG, I'm dying! 🤣🤣🤣

  22. how is vert swing not a vr game? i mean, can you imagine THE JOY?!?

    psvr move controllers would be so fun with this…

  23. First game kinda looks like an unfinished version of Cyber Hook

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