#4 Ole Miss vs Alabama Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights - voxelo.us

#4 Ole Miss vs Alabama Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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Alabama and Ole Miss played the first game of a 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Ole Miss was winning the Alabama was winning and ole Miss

  2. Alabama’s uniforms are just so ugly for some odd reason

  3. Why are they wearing white pants on the road?

  4. That was a good game but it slipped away from Bama in the last inning

  5. Thanks for the educational tid-bits you put in your video description. Very professional.
    Keep up the good work …. even when my team loses. Roll Tide 👍

  6. Ik the baseballs come back fast to sometimes but why does the pitcher have an evoshield arm guard on

  7. Got alot fam pitching this season go team.👍

  8. is it possible for you to do big 10 games?

  9. Hey wheels, love the work you do. Truly amazing. Can u by any chance try to upload the South Carolina vs Florida game? It went into 14 innings. Would get a ton of views I think.

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