5 Gold Vandal VS 5 Radiant Sheriff - *CRAZY GAME!* - voxelo.us

5 Gold Vandal VS 5 Radiant Sheriff – *CRAZY GAME!*

Valorant Curios
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Valorant: 5 Gold Vandal VS 5 Radiant Sheriff – *CRAZY GAME!*
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*Understanding comms & bottom right text* // This goes for all of our videos. You will notice the bottom right either has text or an image of the appropriate rank. This tells the viewers what COMMS they are listening to! For example if it’s Bronze red, you are listening to the Bronze team which is on the red-side. This helps you keep track while watching!

*Understanding Dynamic Nerfing & Game Balance* // This goes for all of our videos. You may realize that sometimes the 1 immortal or radiant has more money, shields, etc. Or the enemies have light shields, reduced economy, etc. This is why most of our videos are close matches. They are balanced to the teeth. This means rule-sets are set in place to create fair gameplay for everyone involved. Sometimes we do this “dynamically”. For example: Maybe a low ranked team would start with pistol only, then get a specter and light shield. After switching sides they maybe can full buy, etc, etc. This gives a sense of suspense to the video as the opposing team would slowly face an increasing challenge!



  1. awesome, the guys are literally out here.

  2. The golds really said ezz when they still lost with a radiant sheriff, this just shows how good the radiants are Gj radiants I knew you had that

  3. ゴールドってこんなスキル使うの下手なんだ‥

  4. Ggs radiants, gold guys are so toxic “ez” This that they r golden 🙂

  5. 허청(아태유럽지회 브리즈번퍼스천결꼭지) says:

    no way this is gold

  6. 5 radiant vandal vs 5 radiant phantom pls

  7. Im confused are the gold sheriffs or radiant cause in 4th round gold players are using sheriff

  8. is it me who doesn't understand the rank display or why is it soo inaccurate wtf

  9. man that sova was so dog sh how he got radiant i dont know but fr man he dont deserve radiant

  10. Oros ? En oro a mí me dan full tap y yo también doy taps

  11. Skye is like only a boosted radiant lol. She should be on the gold team.

  12. im watching this in 2023 and when i see the gold like todays frankfurt silvers are even better than those radiants😭

  13. frankfurt server golds would have won with just sheriffs aswell

  14. What’s with this like a radiant sign in the corner with a van and a gold buddy or a gold with a dude using sheriff and immo buddy or smthn

  15. Bro what, my bronze ranks should be easier and play better than those golds

  16. honestly the gold players are trash im bronze and my skillevel is similar to them probably even better

  17. The only one I believe that was gold is omen. Everyone else was wood 3. You can not change my mind

  18. They look so bad for radiant ngl especially jett

  19. 0:46 is the jett cheating? the way he flicked onto the reyna looks too much like aimbot
    i dont think any human can do that. play it at 0.25. On normal speed u cant even see the mouse movement if uk wat i mean like his crosshair just flicks to his head in 0.1 seconds

  20. 普通にシェリフ下手くそすぎん?

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