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#5 LSU vs Georgia Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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LSU Baseball and Georgia Baseball played the first game of their 3 game series that wraps up regular season play in the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. the best team in college Baseball is LSU and Florida

  2. L.E.V.I. [Listing Epic Videos Immediately] says:

    gEaUx TiGeRs

  3. Georgia shortstop shoving Tre Morgan after Morgan immediately goes to apologize… real classy, well deserved L for Georgia.

  4. Great to see Hurd have a great outing . gonna need that more if we gonna make a run

  5. After the two homers Hurd honestly dominated. Gotta work on a lot

  6. No matter what team we play LSU'S relief pitching will make it interesting…🎉

  7. I'm a simple man, I see "(Crazy Game)," I click

  8. Finally a close game that goes in our favor. Great show by Paul and Thatcher!

  9. Geaux Tigers. Stop the arm folding. Bad look.

  10. LSU just doesn’t seem to have that dominant factor to them unless they’re playing midweek games… i can see them getting bounced in regionals, definitely wouldn’t be surprised

  11. Why are we letting Skenes throw over 100 pitches again? Give this guy a fucking break… Jesus Christ…
    It’s actually sickening

  12. Законопослушный водитель says:

    Хорошая игра

  13. I have a feeling next week we'll get to see how good the sec is, especially Arkansas, LSU which i think these 2 teams will play for the title. But think of it this way, sec has been on top for a long while and the national champion hasn't won the the sec tournament either. Will be exciting to watch

  14. Now let’s see if our bull pen can take home the series

  15. LSU always starts the season really good or at least pretty good and then….fall off a cliff…they haven't been able to "complete" a season in 14 years and this year is the same…they have 1 pitcher, a garbage bull pen, hitters that are all, except Tanks, going in the wrong direction…they are going to get embarrassed in the post season…it's bad coaching, bad base running, errors and sh&tty pitchers…a combination that prevents victory in the long run…and next year??? holy crap its going to get worse…and like cry babies, LSU fans keep blaming the umpires…it's the same umpire for both teams….

  16. This lsu team needs to use the other hand when catching the ball.

  17. LSU narrowly avoiding a sweep because the garbage bullpen is about to give up 1000000 runs the next 2 games

  18. Wish Skenes could play all the time. 💜💛💜💛

  19. Appreciate you Wheels for the highlights Bro

  20. Man that’s a lot of celebrating for a team to take a 3 run L 😂

  21. Wes Johnson needs to go. Our pitchers have regressed.

  22. Georgia moving their fence to 410 all the way around during the off-season. 🤣🤣

  23. 😂😂 He was A white man too his skin is light and blue eyes

  24. The way Hurd bounced back in the bottom of the 10th was INSANE. Mentally to lock back in & put up a 0 after that 9th is ridiculous! Big ups to u man, ik how hard tht is

  25. I’ve said it earlier, it seems like LSU has a really basic approach at the plate. Whichever way the wind is blowing, hit it that way in the air and we’ll put up runs.

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