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Have you ever wanted to marry an ant? Have you ever wanted to be an ethereal godlike tentacle creature? Well now you can RUN AWAY!!
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  1. Marks hands: kissing
    Me: but… wait… Mark… where were you… where were you kissing?

  2. I love how nobody cares that a shark is flying around their city speaking English and doing normal human things, until he attacks someone

  3. “How am I going to goochie soochie this?” – Markiplier

  4. I love how he says I love you righty while kissing his left hand

  5. I have never laughed so hard in my life 🤣

  6. Markiplier: I AM DO BACKFLIP!!!

  7. "mark isnt a sociopath" also mark: is talking to his hands

  8. Umm, that "Princess" has wings, are you sure you're not being tricked into marrying a prince ?

  9. Legit mark killing anything but a puppy: cool

  10. I was about to comment at how he called his left hand his right, but as soon as my keyboard popped up, I remembered that YouTubers flip their camera so they seem like they are looking at the game with the face cam.

  11. Is Mark’s camera flipped or does he not know his right from left?

  12. Mark: Goes on ferris wheel
    Shark: Suddenly sounds like a different person

  13. The one where you throw beers to slide to the customers isn't broken or anything it's like irl you don't want to throw Hard or anything you have to be constant in the throw , and be gentle even if you go a bit fast for far throws

  14. Mark said his left was his right and his right was his left

  15. Mark: *starts talking to his hands"
    me: inhales my spaghetti

  16. 5 year old me be like :plays with hands
    Mom walks in: :0
    Me:you saw nothing !

  17. Mark's commentary on the shark simulator had me ugly cry snort laughing from start to finish XD

  18. anyone notice Mark kissing his left hand calling it righty xD and praising his left hand while calling it righty lol

  19. 51:34

    Mark: I’m going to do one more try, because I’m a glutton for punishment

    Again, he is NOT a masochist…

  20. Watching Mark play the frog game makes me want to watch him and Amy play games like that together just so I can watch Mark get his ass kicked by is girlfriend at party games. (Cuz for some reason girls are too good at those) :/

  21. oh how i love watching mark argue with his hands

  22. Did anyone else notice the font in shark simulator is the same as the Wild Krats

  23. imaging solving a rubiks cube with that finger

  24. I just like how Mark got so confused with his left and right hands lol
    So I made them talk!
    Righty: I'm Lefty!

    Lefty: I'm Righty!

    FNAF Lefty: I was the original…

  25. Um mark?… do u know what's left and right?


    Queen Ant: Antonio. You Were Born Last Week
    I died laughing

  27. How do so many of you not realize that he mirrors his facecam?

  28. Ant/human children. Seems like a good thing.

  29. YouTube keeps giving me 3 adds that I can’t skip. Some booshiit

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