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Have you ever wanted to marry an ant? Have you ever wanted to be an ethereal godlike tentacle creature? Well now you can RUN AWAY!!
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  1. YouTube keeps giving me 3 adds that I can’t skip. Some booshiit

  2. Ant/human children. Seems like a good thing.

  3. How do so many of you not realize that he mirrors his facecam?


    Queen Ant: Antonio. You Were Born Last Week
    I died laughing

  5. Um mark?… do u know what's left and right?

  6. I just like how Mark got so confused with his left and right hands lol
    So I made them talk!
    Righty: I'm Lefty!

    Lefty: I'm Righty!

    FNAF Lefty: I was the original…

  7. imaging solving a rubiks cube with that finger

  8. Did anyone else notice the font in shark simulator is the same as the Wild Krats

  9. oh how i love watching mark argue with his hands

  10. Watching Mark play the frog game makes me want to watch him and Amy play games like that together just so I can watch Mark get his ass kicked by is girlfriend at party games. (Cuz for some reason girls are too good at those) :/

  11. 51:34

    Mark: I’m going to do one more try, because I’m a glutton for punishment

    Again, he is NOT a masochist…

  12. anyone notice Mark kissing his left hand calling it righty xD and praising his left hand while calling it righty lol

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