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#7 Tennessee v #3 Alabama (Crazy Game) | SEC Tournament Semifinal | 2021 College Softball Highlights

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Alabama and Tennessee played in the 2021 SEC Softball Tournament Semifinal.

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  1. Without fauts bama would’ve lost, she carried bamas pitching

  2. I love softball so much much but that entire first inning is the most softball thing I’ve ever seen😂😂

  3. Roll Tide Tuscaloosa Pride Alabama Style Roll Tide Alabama Crimson Tide 💯% The pachyderms are coming to your town they're gonna beat your team down in the ground they're gonna leave your fans with a big O frown Roll Tide Roll 🔥 Congratulations on Bailey Hemphills home run breaking record and the go ahead 6 to 5 lead and great pitching by Montana Fouts with 13 strikeouts tonight after pitching 15 last night . Congratulations on Taylor Clarks first home run of the season ☀️! One more ladies . R T R . Donald Woodall

  4. fouts and hemphill carry alabama i swear the rest are just mid

  5. Never knew you could re enter a pitcher in softball. Fouts came back in and slammed the door!

  6. Alabama definitely gonna beat Florida can’t tell me other wise😌

  7. Idk softball at all, but why would you pitch to a girl that crushes anything she gets a hold of?

  8. What about that lit off hit from Tennessee, I’d buy that right fielder whatever they’d want

  9. I wonder why the weekly's didn't put Ashley rogers as they pitcher, they should've put her the time when Tennessee is leading bama. They could've won. Rogers is strikeout leader in SEC. Coach why?

  10. They should have put Ashley Rogers in as soon as they took the lead !

  11. I am a lifetime Alabama fan, including women's softball. All I can say is exactly what Vol nation is saying, "Why pitch to Hemphill anywhere close to the plate in that situation in the sixth inning?" I know deep in my heart that all Alabama fans breathed a huge sigh of relief watching the homerun that Bailey barely hit over the center fielder's outstretched glove. Montana Fouts was pitching an absolute gem of a game against an outstanding hitting team in Tennessee. Her psyche could have been very seriously injured had that game ended up being a loss. Somehow I think she is very concerned about this happening again. That's perhaps why she woke up early enough to visit with the coaching staff Saturday morning. I have to admit that I was completely dumbfounded watching her being pulled from such an important game at this juncture in her young and rising career. She is a determined competitor who strides for excellence and to be the very best she can be at her position on the team. Her importance to this Alabama team equals and perhaps surpasses that of Jackie Traina from the 2012 season. I saw a very worried look on her face along with millions of other viewers as she looked on helplessly from the dugout during the sixth inning rally by the Lady Vols. I can only imagine the immense disappointment she was experiencing. Please, Coach Murphy, please..

  12. Why would you ever take Fouts out?!?! Dumbest coaching move in history. You have the best pitcher in the country and no one else in the stables. Give Fouts the saddle and let her take you to the finish line!!

  13. That was the most legendary performance I've ever seen by a pitcher and a team!!!!!

  14. My girls were playing states away as this game played out, I wasn't able to watch as our gopro wasn't working.. both my girls are pitchers, I was so impressed when the other pitcher came back in,, and SHUT IT DOWN! Now back home with my girls,, showing them…. this is how it's done! Well played!! I also LOVE how #14 is wearing a facemask! Smart beautiful girl,, what a great role model!

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