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A Crazy Finish to a Crazy Game! | Vikings @ Bills 11/13/22 Week 10 Reactions

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Since the Jets are in a bye week, we got to watch the division rival Bills take on the Vikings. And holy crap, this was an exciting one! Could this be the NFL game of the year?


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  1. Just a heads up there probably won't be any reactions to next week's Jets @ Patriots game since we won't be available to watch it. We still do have something else planned for next week which I think you'll enjoy. 😉

  2. In case you were wondering, #57 is Ed Ingram a rookie Guard drafted from LSU I believe. He seems to be overwhelmed by the Bills defensive front.

  3. That was a great game I respect the Vikings they’re a great team I may be a diehard Bills fan but Minnesota has potential LETS GO BUFFALO 🦬

  4. Nice to know a father and son born and breed in Long Island watching this game

  5. This is the game of year. Better than the Panthers Falcons game in Atlanta.

  6. Went to sleep when the Bills up by 10. Woke up exactly when Allen threw a pic to end the game.

  7. Ravens fan here, love watching the videos. You guys are awesome. I love the passion you show for the Jets. Awesome to see them winning. Hopefully will meet again in January 😎

  8. Vikings fan, obviously.

    Thanks for softening the Bills for us.
    You're welcome for 2nd place in the East


  10. This game should have never gone to Overtime. Refs must be on the Bills payroll. Keep em coming boys, you guys are just awesome to listen. Go Jets!!

  11. Even with refs giving bills the guak guak 3000 they still lose GOOD SHIT

  12. Bro y'all are hilarious 😂 JETS JETS JETS!!!

  13. Jets vs Vikings in 3 weeks is shaping up to be a great matchup.

  14. I know it doesn’t do it justice by just saying how badly the odds were stacked against the Vikings. The amount of horrible calls or horrible missed calls against the Vikings were insane. (I’ll go in depth on the reply), at the bills, with our team getting banged up during the game. Just pumped we were even able to keep it close, let alone win

  15. Can’t wait to smash patriots ✈️✈️✈️✈️💪🏿👿👿👿

  16. Perfect ending…"flabbergasted"… And spot on about the refs….godawful

  17. Fun listening to you guys experience the life of a Vikings fan for 1 day 😆😆😆

  18. Ah yes bye week where we watch other teams fail and win. Definitely the best and worst week of the sewson

  19. Both Patriots and Jets fans were rooting for the Vikings

  20. Viking fan here. Although I don't have a problem with the ref letting the DB play physical because it was pretty consistent throughout the game. The second and goal play where the bills had 12 on the field is a inexcusable miss. Also not reviewing that catch is an inexcusable mistake. Also don't forget the phantom horse collar tackle in the first quarter. They also should have called a targeting on a hit to the Vikings tight end. They call that 99% of the time. This ref crew including the replay booth should not be allowed to do another game. At the very least not a Buffalo game again.

  21. you don't go for 2 . if you miss you can lose with a field goal

  22. These guys need their own show. The commentary was hilarious

  23. It’s kind of crazy that the New York Jets are 6-3 and they have about a 70-80% chance of being at the bottom of the division by next week

  24. I from Minnesota and i love my Vikings! I could tell from the accents that you were from the Boston area which makes you patriot fans! That game was awesome! Ive nicknamed then the cardiac kids last year, but now this year we are winning those close games! SKOL!

  25. Nice post, missed the ending. I actually tuned off after the td reversal. Thanks

  26. Proud to be a JETS fan!!!! 😌 🏈✈️💚🖤🤍

  27. Wait til you play the giants. Talk About an alpha team

  28. Thanks for rooting for our team! Hope your Jets have a great game next week!

  29. why are they letting this happen? because they are the vikings- thats what they do LOL

  30. It's funny becaue the one guy is ALWAYS wrong about penalties and replays

  31. Vikings fan you guys are hilarious 😂

  32. As a vikings season ticket holder, it is so bizarre to hear other teams cheering for us to win. I know this win helped the Jets but this was an amazing video to watch. Good luck the rest of the way……except when we play you🤣👊

  33. My grandkids are laughing at the language. Great stuff guys thanks for sharing! It was a crazy game for sure

  34. As a vikings, fan I enjoyed this perspective .

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