Air Force vs #10 Texas Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2022 College Baseball Highlights -

Air Force vs #10 Texas Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Texas and Air Force played the second game of their 2 game midweek series in the 2022 College Baseball Season. Air Force was going for the sweep, as they won the first game by a score of 14-2.

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  1. The “get out of town” catchphrase is legendary

  2. Air Force rakes, if they had better pitching could be really good, they don’t have an arm over 90

  3. Do the Kansas state games when they played texas!🙏⚾️

  4. You can almost see Wheels subs going up every day!!! Keep subbing people!!

  5. Hola Tiro 92 millas soy dominicano tengo 22 años mido 5.5 y bateo tengo un 90%

  6. Could we get some UConn content?? They are 30-7 on an 11 game win streak and are undefeated in conference play. Not trying to come off as rude but rarely do I see any UConn baseball content anywhere

  7. Texas struggling against a 16-19 team, first round exit

  8. Georgia southern vs Florida state once it’s over. It’s in extras right now

  9. How about 14-2 yesterday lol. Still barely beat Air Force. Longhorns should not be number 10

  10. Man…losing Tanner Witt completely derailed Texas entire pitching staff.

  11. Why don’t you post the 14-2 beat down in game 1?

  12. The salute after the homer in the 7th is one of the best plate celebrations I’ve ever seen

  13. Texas got no fans. wtf did they beat Tennessee?

  14. You know those dudes for AF love the game; you can see it's just a bunch of baseball guys. Especially when you have the military commitments; you're only playing at this point cause you love it.

  15. Let’s go USAF!! Support from Travis Afb

  16. What is up with men's teams in Austin? Have all the talent one team could want and just constantly underperform.

  17. Wheels said Crazy Game = Must watch !!

  18. 8:07 Good lord. How do you take that pitch location, that deep, to opposite center?

  19. UT baseball, hell the entire athletic department for that matter, is a fraud and I'm a die hard Horns fan and born and raised Texan. Their pitching staff that was so highly regarded in the pre-season has been a flaming dumpster fire and since their pre-season #1 ranking and an 11-0 start they're just 15-13 and look to only be about the 4th best team in the conference and maybe only the 3rd best team in the state.

  20. How can the Air Force Academy have lost so many games, because I saw a team over the last two games against Texas who literally pounded the ball… My horns are extremely lucky to have come out of that with a 1-1 outcome…horns need to play wayyyy more consistent ball to get back to where they were, if that is even possible…Come on Horns!!

  21. Man AF home run celebration at the plate is cold 🥶

  22. Is it worrisome that Texas started at #1 has been looking very mediocre.

  23. 23 is fucking huuuuge. Man’s a c47 in a lineup of f35’s

  24. I'm a Longhorn lifer. But Air Force I Salute y'all and all of the Armed Forces. You guys have A LOT OF POWER!

  25. I want to say as a lifelong Texas Longhorn fan that I have never felt fine losing to another team than losing to Airforce. Those young men were the most respectful young men in college sports. They never once talked trash while they won the first game or never over celebrated a home run. Pure class.
    Though I already respect our armed forces. I am truly a fan of Airforce baseball . I salute you young men!

  26. Look like some FAT U.S.A.F. officers coming in . . . .

  27. they're not Air Force for nothing lol
    salute to my fellow service members

  28. That was a awesome game to watch, and I got to say the airforce boys can swing it.

  29. Hey gg both side, AF underdogs! Rly good performance from them

  30. Do more Air Force vids these kids got some potential and I want to see it. 👍

  31. Can never judge a team by their record in baseball…. Air Force can swing the bat!!! that was impressive!!

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