Alabama vs #1 LSU Highlights (Game 3, Crazy Game!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights -

Alabama vs #1 LSU Highlights (Game 3, Crazy Game!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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Alabama Baseball and LSU Baseball played the final game of their 3 game series in the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Post a vid on ole miss and Georgia game 3. It was a crazy game

  2. Post a vid on ole miss and Georgia game 3. It was a crazy game

  3. If only we had pitching and fielding to go with the great offense 🤣 Geaux Tigers

  4. If you are tired of hearing " you can pucker up and kiss that baby goodbye" then you don't like LSU hitting home runs. Geaux Tigers!

  5. 6:15 the way Tommy White throws his hands at outside pitches and sends them oppo is beautiful.

  6. an SEC sweep makes it even sweeter that I just ordered a new bayou bengal jersey! Geaux Tigers!

  7. Great win 🏅 but wow they got some work to do sloppy very sloppy

  8. LSU owning Bama this academic year hahaha besides bball

  9. Man, the Randy Arozarena celebration after the 2023 World Baseball Classic still remains strong here.

  10. I was here live! It was so fun I recommend going!

  11. Hard to believe there are 24 other teams better than Alabama right now

  12. I know people are complaining about the errors , but ya have to realize that sun is a killer! & I believe this is actually the most errors they have ever had in a game.

    On another happy note , great sweep! & so good to see different players step up each game!! Geaux tigers 💜

  13. LSU hits homeruns 50% of the time they hit the ball

  14. Can’t expect to give up 3 bases loaded walks and expect to win a game


  16. Just gonna reiterate how I feel about the lefty in left! No like.

  17. Sweeping Ole Miss and Gumps in April! Tiger baseball is back.

  18. The pitching for Bama allowed them to lose this game. Should be a good SEC Tournament upcoming

  19. Законопослушный водитель says:

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  20. I’ll say it again this LSU pitching staff is fucking awful outside of Skenes & they’re gonna have to heavily rely on this lineup to score a ton of runs to make a deep run

  21. I'm just amazed by this channel's editing and putting out such a quality video in such a short period of time after the game. Wheels hits a home run every time. Thank you!

  22. I can't believe LSU had such trouble with Bama this game. Bama kept trying to give the game away with all kinds of stupid little errors (such as the idiot on 1st forcing the baserunner to overrun him!), and piss-poor pitching. Somebody please do the math and see just how many total runs LSU scored on W/HBP? I'm betting it was enough to win one of the 3 games alone.

  23. No way lsu should be ranked #1 still. After skenes they have nobody

  24. Idk if lebron could rob a home run at this park

  25. whats with all the buffering on these replays

  26. Never hear any bama fans talk about baseball lol.

  27. Outside of Skenes, this LSU pitching is very sus to me. They will need major pitching recruiting next year once Skenes leaves.

  28. Let’s Geaux Tigers 🐯⚾️💥 You Can Pucker Up And Kiss 💋 ⚾️That Baby Goodbye 👍

  29. thats tough to watch if u want the under dogs to win. Alabama blowing big leads, too many walks. They can smash tf out of the baseball though and any team that has to play them in regionals is not gonna like their draw.

  30. Saw a report a few min ago that this game had suspicious betting on it rigged by Alabama

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