Arkansas State vs #4 Mississippi State Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights -

Arkansas State vs #4 Mississippi State Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2021 College Baseball Highlights

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Mississippi State and Arkansas State played a midweek game in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. I don’t know how State gave up 7 runs in that ninth inning. Mississippi State has had a problem with pitchers coming out of the bullpen this year.

  2. This game showed that HITTING. IS. CONTAGIOUS.

  3. Did I just watch a HR Derby. Somebody should count how many; I lost count.

  4. Thank you bro, these highlights are freakin awesome

  5. Mississippi State's Brad Cumbert hit a legendary long home run in the 8th inning at 7:25.
    MLB General Managers must have had their eyes light up at seeing Cumbert's mammoth shot.
    Cumbert isn't very high on current MLB draft boards, but his big time home run will have MLB GM's talking about it.

  6. Mississippi St.'s announcer is much better than Vanderbilt's announcer.

  7. All the home runs hit in this game may remind some of a USSSA majors beer league softball tournament Home Run Derby.

  8. Can we not get any big 12 games, Texas is #3 in the nation and having some good games, but we have to watch Arkansas PB lose 26-1

  9. Dudy noble is so bad to me. Why’s everything so dark?

  10. A game going into the bottom of the 8th is 6-3 and ends up 18-10…. 12 runs scored in the bottom 8 and 7 in the top 9….

  11. Well prnsnls we can't see top 5 teams live either unless we pay extra . However we can see snail wrestling, junior league fishing ,all kinds of unranked of alopecia groomers you know stuff that's exciting.Till then I watch on u tube after the fact.

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