ASUS ROG Mothership (GZ700) Review - Crazy Gaming Power! -

ASUS ROG Mothership (GZ700) Review – Crazy Gaming Power!

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The ASUS Mothership has such a unique design that it’s more of an all-in-one desktop replacement than a laptop. Even with the overclocked 8 core i9-9980HK at 4.9GHz and RTX 2080 running at 200 watts it runs cool enough, as it’s been designed from the ground up to optimize thermals and performance. In this detailed review you’ll find out everything about this crazy beast of a machine.

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  1. This is the sort of Laptop that is bought by companies for AI Developers that can utilise the CUDA Cores, CAD run-throughs for clients developing a complex building and Penetration Testers looking to decrypt on the fly during a PenTest.

  2. Alienware Area 51m "All the way" ! 😉 It is a "few frames" better than A51m (at stock). Arguably, you can properly OC both of them and get the Mothership > A51m, but the difference is so tiny and insignificant that it doesn't justify the "uber" price. (And I can hold my A51m of my lap)

  3. It would have made a crappy tablet with those bezels and size.. That being said, the bezels kill it for me, regardless…

    I see no point in this device. A "mobile all in one" that converts to a laptop?

  4. a bit too much "pitch shift" down with the added audio filter effect, when you go down at the end of your sentence Jarrod… you really can't just deepen the voice track overall, especially when you naturally try to go down at the end of each sentence… the reporter cadence is kind of annoying by the way… no offense, just being honest. Speak naturally and add a little pitch shift if you still want to make your voice sound deeper… good luck…

  5. Its kinda like an all in one mixed with a laptop, with a keyboard that can be carried with it. Do you call it an all in one or laptop hmmmmmm

  6. I really don't see the draw to having two power bricks… I understand why they need it, but it sounds like more of a hassle than the benefit you get.

  7. Bulky laptops have really bad value nowadays that even thin laptops have way better value 😂

  8. Whats the point of having 2080 if your screen is 60hz

  9. my mouth is watering over this beast for quite a while

  10. This laptop is so creative! If I won the lottery, the first thing i would do is to buy this.

  11. Will it work on a table like eating table like you find in hospitals

  12. Awesome videos but…… awesome Insomnuim Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!! you got a new fan!

  13. looks cool but its called Laptop for a reason, if you cant put it on your lap theres no point.

  14. Dude how come there are always like 25 to 30 dislikes on every video.. always the same ratio? Must be particular trolls that purposely vote down all your vids? Dickheads.

  15. Ok, this thing is impressive… Just found one for 6995.. Silent mode can basically do 95% of every task one could ever want, with minimal noise, and just put in turbo mode if you really need it. Good I/O selection.
    Nitpicks? Should have been an option for 144HZ 1080P screen or even 1440P, and should have been UHS2 card reader at this price.. the latter is kind of ridiculous. Also, windows app scaling is terrible, so, 4K actually puts me OFF in any windows monitor.

  16. Honestly you're the best laptop reviewer I've ever found, I actually didn't bother buying my latest laptop ROG – GX701GX until you reviewed it haha

  17. Have you tried testing with state of decay 2?

  18. Jarrod i dont know whether your aware, but your voice increases in volume significantly on the last word of each sentence. i love your reviews and your attention to detail, but your vocal recording skills need brushing up a little by addressing the above. keep up the awesome reviews! sorry for the rant.

  19. This is very niche but is exactly what I'm looking for in a portable PC. I would love for other companies to try their hands on this or for ASUS to provide more affordable options.

  20. i wanted this untill i found out it doesnt have a touch screen RIP

  21. Is there a way you can underclock the cpu to save a bit of battery?

  22. How can you measure FPS greater than 60 if the screen is 60 Hz?

  23. this is the stupidest design I've ever seen in the tech industry. Buy a Lenovo with 4800H, an egpu and a 2080 desktop. There, u have more performance at a quarter of the price

  24. I think the orice is a killer, well i have built my own PC i am tellling you it is the ULTIMATE FEATURES , it cost me 5500$

  25. Why not just build desktop for less money ?

  26. Is there any website that offer this for a good monthly price

  27. I had one catch on fire yesterday it smells like burning electricity plastic smell i powered it off fast also got blue screen very unhappy because that was my replacement that caught fire any suggestions i on portable gaming laptops i plan on getting digital storm to build a tower

  28. Nice but way overpriced and already outdated.

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