Austin Peay vs Liberty | CRAZY GAME & THINGS GOT HEATED (Multiple Ejections) | 2023 College Baseball -

Austin Peay vs Liberty | CRAZY GAME & THINGS GOT HEATED (Multiple Ejections) | 2023 College Baseball

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Austin Peay Baseball and Liberty Baseball played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Broadcasters are getting worse and their ignorance is asinine. Umpires confer when deciding if a pitch was intentionally thrown at a batter. Broadcasters hate umpires and have no clue how umpires think or work. Pathetic

  2. So much ejections and " Seven Nation Army"s. I love it

  3. lmao no lie drinking Mountain Dew after being ejected is unmatched lmao and what makes it better he wansnt reckless or had an attitude lmao

  4. “No man, I totally accidentally threw at his head!”

  5. The diet Mt. Dew. 😂. That’s awesome.

  6. THis game maybe top of the list best game before playoffs

  7. Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack was blaring in the background after Austin Peay’s pitcher, catcher and head coach (manager) were sent off for the taboo beanball

  8. Great game and great video. College baseball is one the last true sports left in the world for us to enjoy watching.

  9. I feel so spoiled as a Vandy fan. I mean, these boys kinda suck.

  10. so good watching any team from liberty lose, fuck them

  11. Fantastic thumbnail. I got so many great screenshots and meme material form This video lol

  12. So are we not going to talk about the helmet hitting my guy in the back 7:40😂

  13. Really, you post a non ranked, boring game such as this rather than posting UT sweep ttu? You're such a clown!

  14. I prefer the umps talk about it to make sure it’s not just one man’s opinion or emotions controlling the situation rather than throwing him out directly after the pitch.

  15. Great game but until u start posting Long Beach state and some big west stuff we’re gonna have a problem

  16. i mean thats bull to toss the guy. i mean come on. a warning would have done. but coach pounding a dew lol classic. great game though

  17. AP’s second baseman is fucking garbage

  18. Hard to win when you allow 18! Please pray for Liberty, they’re f**king atrocious!!

  19. What a horrible display of defense in the first 3 innings Jesus Christ.

  20. Whoever that guy is for Austin that closed the game has some arm!

  21. Trash game imo. Ejected coach tho, props to him. The way he was handling his ejected pitcher instead of just raging at the ump was very professional and refreshing to see.

  22. Announcers so clueless
    Let's hammer the officals
    Such a tired narrative
    They tossed him literally seconds after thr pitch at his skull
    If an umpire tosses a guy half a second after the pitch, they are criticized for reacting too quick
    And here, if they take a moment, to crew discuss it, they are criticized.
    Better to get the crew together, yet these 2 numbnuts still think it was wrong.
    And yes, you CAN give a warning. But here, 1st pitch after a HR, at the guys dome, pretty obvious. Have to play it on the side of intent. Annohncers…hey, let's bash the officials…..

  23. 7:42 #1 gets absolutely BIFFED by the bouncing helmet! C'mon man!

  24. Neither team can pitch. Lollipops all day

  25. Literally NONE of these guys will ever play in the MLB.

  26. How did he get ejected without getting a warning first makes no sense

  27. I think my old high school team could mercy rule Austin peay

  28. I’m an Austin Peay alum… Love our BATGOVS!!! This game was absolutely nuts back and forth.

    How “Christian” of the Liberty player to start all that crap off.

    Little advice from scripture homeboy “You reap what you sow.”

    LET’S GO PEAY!!!!

  29. 4:20 "right after the pitch" is such an ignorant comment. Would you rather one umpire make a unilateral, heat-of-the-moment judgement call, or have the entire crew get together? It's a potential ejection.

  30. c'mon blue, don't stand there with your hands in your pockets, looks lazy af

  31. initial pitcher ejection was most unprofessional. the pitch could very easily have been a "gotaway" pitch. nobody on either team had any reaction whatsoever so just keep playing. if the next pitch (or subsequent) is similar or closer, then initiate the both-benches-warned protocol. as an umpire, we are always taught "not to insert yourself into the game". imho, classic case of overreaction. started the domino effect for later troubles…

  32. Nothing screams fat boy like a head baseball coach carrying a 2 liter of DIET Mountain Dew around.

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