Batman Arkham Knight Drives Us Crazy - Game Scoop! 351 -

Batman Arkham Knight Drives Us Crazy – Game Scoop! 351

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This week we’re talking Arkham Knight, PlayStation, Godzilla, and more!


  1. Arkham Knight is the best in the series and the best superhero game of all time.

  2. Daemon is 15% into Batman: Arkham Knight, and he loves it?  What has he been doing for the past 6 weeks??

  3. You equip skins in main menu in the showcase just hit equip on skin

  4. You get paid to talk about video games and all you do is rip on them. Why should i care about anything these pretentious assholes have to say?

  5. Brian has some sour crapes hahaha jk, LOVE u Brian!!!!!!!!!😎

  6. I think Arkham Knight as a 6-7 is about right. The story is okay, predictable but fun to go through. The side content is terrrrrible. It was my issue with Arkham City in that EVERY side quest is a collectathon. Man bat was pretty good with how it was handled in that he was pretty much within eye sight as soon as you were able to continue the quest but the idea of having to trudge around the city searching for tiny, person sized clues in a big open city much like the victims or the bombs and then just go through the same repetitive cycle multiple times was a pain. It's stretching out the quests for the sole purpose of stretching them out.

    As for the Joker, it was well implemented story-wise but this game literally stands as a testament to the fact that Rocksteady is just so unwilling to let go of the Joker and take any sort of leap. The best part about the Arkham franchise was it's courage to go out and kill such a crucial character, it was shocking and final.. Only to pretty much bring him back with their tails between their legs.

    And as for the DLC.. It's just awful at this point. This is the year that the Witcher released 16 dlc's that granted were not all as long but were equally sent out just after launch for free.. It's just uncomforting due to the fact Arkham City was under much pressure after it's Catwoman DLC, it's as if Rocksteady just doesn't learn it's lesson.

  7. IGN was surprisingly spot on with this conversation.

  8. i watched the entirety of the Matter Of Family DLC, all it is,is the ACE chemicals part from the main game only without an vehicular stuff.

  9. The final third of this show is 20 question, it was ok at first but man it's getting old, especially when your dedicating 33% of every show to it, not to mention the hour long special last week, please make a different series for this segment, or at least make it bi weekly or monthly.

  10. Enough with the 20 questions already. It's fun once in a while, but damn.

  11. Changing skins is easy, on the main menu you go down to the armory or whatever its called and switch them. Once switched Batman is skinned all the time but Robin can only be seen or used for about 10 minutes of the game. The game is great, amazing story with a copout ending and bullshit tank missions are the only caveot

  12. The way The Joker was used in this game was some of the most interesting writing I've ever seen in any video game I've played. Call me a fanboy, idc, it was dope.

  13. Mitch's body shape is so weird… GO TO THE GYM!

  14. No good Godzilla game sine the snes…? Godzilla save the earth on ps2?

  15. Real good episode, especially the 20 questions.

  16. I'm sorry but the BS now being aimed at this game just underlines for me that modern society, GAMERS being top of that list, are just miserable, spoilt, quick to jump on hate bandwagons children who don't know they're BORN! Games nowadays for the most part are great and it's US, the gaming public who are just miserable idiots.

    For all these criticisms of Arkham Knight, there's not a SINGLE mention of the seamless cutscenes and ZERO loading screens. The new open world predator sections that make you feel like a bad ass Batman more than ever before. Get spotted? Grapple up n fly away, back around and terrorise again!

    Also, ANYBOD who says they didn't get 100% for the full ending just because they didn't want to do the Riddler puzzles is no longer a real gamer in my opinion. Collectibles are in every game but the Rocksteady designed Riddler challenges are simply the greatest collectibles ever and are a JOY to work out.

    Arkham Knight is an EASY 9. Maybe not as good as Arkham City but still an AMAZING game.

  17. Is it a shooting game? Does it have a button for shooting? If not, there is no shooting.

  18. Yes the Batgirl mission is mediocre, but if we get little drops of story missions like that throughout the season pass, I won't be mad. I'm a huge Batman fan, so I don't regret dropping $40 on this. I've spent more on Batman variants from comic shops

  19. I really love the interactions with Joker. Its very random and it represent batman psyche very well. Every time he shows up i just stop and listen to what he says, the dialogue is cool and funny and really feels like he`s in your head.

  20. I love the way the Joker is in the game. It's one of the best storytelling mechanisms I've seen in a game. Love how he was implemented.

  21. Its hard to see Mitch as a video game journalist & did not even know how to change the skins in Batman AK…WTF?????????? Like dont understand what the X button does. Its so simple! That and the 20 questions, Mitch is "the Joke" in this Game Scoop lol 😛

  22. When could you choose to break a guy's arm in Arkham Knight? I don't remember that.

  23. Brian seems incredibly critical of games not from Nintendo. He is nitpicking details in this episode (and in past episodes) that the others change his mind on but, he refuses to back down. Yet, he gives Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and points out small positive aspects of their games. I'm not going to hate on shading towards a preference (PS preference here) but, continual positive reinforcement for Nintendo and negativity towards other developers maligns your perspective on gaming.

  24. Love ya Brian but you are by far the 20 questions weakest link

  25. 20 questions you should do the original system shock

  26. Brian is my favorite on IGN, but when they were talking about Arkham Knight, he just seemed to literally hate on it the whole time. Even the way he said "its consistently good" in the most annoyed way possible. Lol

  27. Daemon's faces during 20 questions xD
    I love 20 questions.

  28. I like how enemies weapons and gear are put in GCPD in display cases once you have caught them. Its also good how you can activate a voiceover from Cash for each one. And overall I love this game, yes there a few things that could be a little bit better but overall I think it is amazing!

  29. I used to think, "why don't studios listen to the consumer's suggestions when making video games, dlc, movies, and etc. Then after I watched this, I had a moment of clarity. You can't make everyone happy.

  30. Doing all the riddler trophies is insane? It took 4-5 hours to complete them all.

  31. DLC's shouldn't be essential for the main game. I'm no big fan of those DLC's that make the game complete. That's bullshit.

  32. Love this show, but damn 20 questions was hard to watch.

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