Best Game Winning Touchdowns in NFL History || HD -

Best Game Winning Touchdowns in NFL History || HD

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All NFL Content i use is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.


  1. You Should Do a "Freight Train Moments In NFL" Video

  2. gronk as a safety? was belichick purposefully trying to lose?

  3. Bill o brien should honestly have been banned from the nfl for trading Hopkins for literally nothing.

  4. in my opinion the music city miracle was a forward pass but i might be dumb

  5. Giants fans when they hear DeSean Jackson got that block

  6. Why are they saying it’s Murray magic????? Nuke jumped over the three best defensive players in the bills.

  7. LOL first time watching you w intro I’m close to 100 subs let’s go can believe you over a million keep up the grind my guy

  8. The Vikings did all that to get their butts kicked by the eagles in the most embarrassing fashion

  9. And that's y they're never gonna win the superbowl

  10. Just had to throw that ATL game in huh…screw you tou tube….

  11. I love you Ding prod! You should do a “You can’t miss that moments!” When I am bored on YouTube I’ll just search up ding productions and I’ll watch some of your videos. I love you ding productions

  12. You should do “dumb play call moments” plz

  13. Sometimes you want to vanish, not to be seen by anyone, you want all the bad things to pass by…

  14. im an eagles fan so desean jacksons TD was awsome

  15. Yea. Not one chief win. Lmao. Has to be donkey fan.

  16. Still haven’t found out why the Patriots made Gronk the damn Safety on that Miami play 😂

  17. 5:57 is illegal forward pass should be in a compilation of plays that shouldnt have counted

  18. ok, lets appreciate the front O linemen, who help make the plays work to win(I am not a line man, but a corner and safety).

  19. That Hou/Jax game had me so mad. Ole boy could’ve caught it and instead spiked like a volleyball right into the hands of a Jax receiver.

  20. I still have PTSD with the Falcons at the Super Bowl

  21. Murray sharp arm middle team scary laughing league of my ooos

  22. will will hill make the touchdown tell tell me if u think will will make it lmfao

  23. Ref really threw the flag on that diggs play 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Diggs wining touchdown will never be forgotten

  25. "Stefon Diggs has been the best receiver this league he ran over their number 1 coverage man Patrick Peterson" also DeAndre Hopkins jumps over 3 of their best defense players

  26. I've watched the Roger staubach hail Mary a few times and drew Pearson did commit offensive PI , a missed call, refs have cost so many teams game losses over the years it is a shame. And the pass from Manning to Burris was a magical thing, Brady and the Patriots couldn't beat Manning and the Giants either time when it counted, and the one time it spoiled their perfect season. I am a Manning family fan.

  27. I hate how it’s “Murray magic” when Dhop literally made the whole fucking play. All kyler did was throw it down there.

  28. The fact you left the sea of hands off this video is a joke. Not only did the Raiders pull that game off; but they knocked of the back to back SuperBowl champion dolphins.

  29. Greg Lewis makes an amazing game winning catch and the announcer says "Favre did it". Are you kidding me

  30. @Ding Productions can you make a pfp for me pls

  31. Miracle at the meadowlands part 2 still can watch it over and over again.

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