Caedrel Reacts To DK's CRAZY Game 5 Draft -

Caedrel Reacts To DK’s CRAZY Game 5 Draft

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  1. I don't understand. DK never won game against T1 before 30 minutes no matter what draft is. Zeri will scale in anyway.

  2. and they lose. that's why non traditional picks are always high risk.

  3. So they put their series on the line with these picks? I understand if they want to test it out but in game 5? Nah this is just obvious wintrading

  4. I think korea is rigged. cmon, who does that if not to lose for T1 make the finals?

  5. Summary of game 5 : no one can outsacle zeri and yumi.

  6. Honestly the draft was fine Canyon just trollled two objectives.

  7. Just delete Zeri from the game please. As a T1 fan although we won, i fukin hate this champ

  8. anyone knows what is the screencap software that Caedrel use?

  9. and they lost the game cause they didnt want to pick zeri yuumi …

  10. Just ban either yuumi or zeri in place of renekton☹

  11. what's with Korean teams doing weird picks at game 5? DK was always like this, if you're winning playing standard, why the hell would you suddenly give up everything for some corny team comp?

  12. Actually I appreciate this type of drafts, it could work in a universe where zeri yuumi doesn’t exist, but they are a thing, so dk should just pick zeri yuumi r1 r2 and win the game

  13. This is Daeny last job as a coach and I swear no teams will hire him. T1 literally gifted DK a broken Yuumi/Zeri comp but Daeny's ego tho, what a troll draft. DK announcement soon “Thank You Daeny” you did well for ruining DK and T1.

  14. Azir could have gone bot then donger top. Gnar would have a hard time walking up to cs then poppy can chain cc with hidden Emperors Divide cuz of Senna

  15. Just swap Azir for Ornn for Burdol and I think DK had a clear chance of winning, lacked initiation in team fights, would have a weak lane against Gnar, but would have a much more powerful tf

  16. draft doesnt matter as long the opponent team has zeri yummi you lost 90% of the time

  17. Zeri and any enchanter getting thru draft on any halfway decent team is an auto win for that team so long as they dont fuck up early game. This shit is unbelievably unfair. Zeri built full ad and in this very game had her w deal 1200 magic damage to senna! Cool stuff there riot games!

  18. T1 braindeath leaving yumi+zeri open only got out braindeaded by DK not picking it in first rotation….

  19. I don't understand why Zeri's ban rate is not the same as Pantheon's when he was released. I mean it is beyond broken. It should be auto-banned for every game on either side.

  20. So many open counterpicks against zeri like Vi and lissandra this was so easy win but this draft lost it

  21. Everyone will make fun of it but I respect the hell outta Damwon for pulling the comp out. This is what the LCK needs. Kellin's Senna was ass and I wasn't too impressed with Burdol Azir but it would've been sick if they could've pulled the draft off.

  22. DK was feeling so big after two straight wins that they had to whip out their donger.

  23. anyone know what screen snip software he uses? He used it right at the end of this clip

  24. i dont understand. why dont they always ban either zeri/yuumi or both? shouldn't it be the most important aspect of the draft???

  25. Its over when you get zeri and yuumi. Just play for fun now. 300 years of game design.

  26. They got plan to counter Zeri yuumi..but their plan was ruined because they overestimate zeri yuumi cappabilities. that broken duo shud ban from the start.

  27. If only heimer ever got to any objectives first.

  28. The biggest mistake that DK did is let Zeri /Yuumi scale throughout game 5

  29. they can just zeri yuumi r1 r2, wtf was the DK management team thinking

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