Can You Beat The 8 Ball In This Crazy Game?! #boardgame #couple -

Can You Beat The 8 Ball In This Crazy Game?! #boardgame #couple

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  1. I'm a fan., hope I find love again.., would love to see you guys peck in a video someday❤🎉

  2. please don't ever let her make these noises again

  3. Mizifi Monstro!!!👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  4. I just wanna be able to understand all these games

  5. Oh wow, I'd forgotten all about this game! My family had it about 40 years ago!

  6. I don’t understand this game. Can you release the balls right away?

  7. Notice how he almost wins every single one except for a few 😭

  8. Am I the only one who’s curious what they eat for dinner?

  9. This couple sure have a lot of games in their house..

  10. Yo fr if anyone makes a game give it to these guys and we will all buy it….. that looks fun af…….

  11. this one looks fun where do i get it

  12. Simple strategy : he was releasing its two balls right after she was releasing its first one, 100% win rate

  13. I mean… I appreciate YouTube trying to be all manly and stuff, man power and all that, but why can’t they show me a video of her winning for once?

  14. Me doing 👍 before i see the outcome. I know its going to be great regardless.

  15. Where do y'all find these games this one is dope

  16. Se por acaso existir algum br perdido como eu, que não entendeu o jogo, aqui vai a explicação: existe a parte verde e vermelha do jogo, a parte verde é boa, trazendo pontos positivos e a parte vermelha ruim, trazendo pontos negativos. A bolinha preta é grande demais pra passar na parte verde, ou seja, ela vai barrar a passagem no vermelho e qualquer bolinha que vier após ela, consequentemente vai perder pontos por ficar presa na parte vermelha. Então, o objetivo do jogo é esperar o máximo que puder até a bolinha preta finalmente descer, porém jogar suas bolinhas antes dela pra não ficarem presas na parte negativa do game. A pontuaçao está indicada ao lado da cor e onde a bolinha cair, é a pontuação recebida

  17. always good videos to watch, already subscribe, thank you for entertain me sir and madam 🙏

  18. You want it closer the the ball but before the 8 ball gets in front?

  19. this one just induces anxiety for me lol. i love all the games yall show me though! wish i had someone to play em with.

  20. I saw funhaus play this one! I definitely need to try this one with the husband

  21. Heyyyyyy this is a 4 player game!! I see other hands 😂

  22. I dont get why they wait when they could just let go they balls and win anyway

  23. If thats the case why cant i just release my balls wayy earlier without waiting for the black vall to finally drop? Because i see the woman released it was earlier

  24. Can't you just always wait for the ball to drop first 🤷‍♂️

  25. I had this one when a kid. Beat the 8 Ball

  26. Me and my bf love watching your videos🥰❤️ when we move in together this is how we wanna be

  27. This game looks so fun, but the opponent shouldn’t be able to see your moves 😁

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