Can YOU Escape Mr Hopp and his CRAZY Games -

Can YOU Escape Mr Hopp and his CRAZY Games

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Welcome to the world of Mr Hopp’s Manor Escape! When you thought you were done with Mr Hopp’s and his Playhouse! Can you find all the items and escape the house with Mr Hopp’s chasing you?

#cheridet #mrhopps #indiehorrorgame

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  1. Almond heads 1 2 and 3 are quite annoying in that game, aren't they? 🙂

  2. UR NOT STUPID!! Your beautiful person and u deserve to have whatever u want

  3. This is t that scary but I am halfway through the video, so I dunno yet 😂

  4. Fun fact: Ester is actually the grandma the girl named Ester is the grandma from the past

  5. I just love at 0:15 it says it white definitely recorded the same day

  6. l will hold your hold cheridet😂🤗❤️

  7. Ahhh you look delightful untill that happens

  8. I will not hold your hand👁👅👁

  9. Mr Hopps playhouse 3 coming out soon!
    It looks like Esther and Ruby are gonna be in it!

  10. I like what do I do with the key what do I do with the rope?

  11. Idk why but mr hops play house to me do not see scary so scary m going to get it

  12. Mr. hops is so out of season now to the new Korean town and that is puppy playtime now I’m without the way Mr. hops play house two and one

  13. Cheridet: your gonna hold my hand!
    Me in the bathroom: dont look pls

  14. there are 2 youtubers who derserve more itsfunneh and cherry (bad spelling)

  15. cheridet:what am i doing
    me: ur playing as esther

  16. I love your YouTube channels they’re like amazing😍😍😍😍😍

  17. I'm sure there are going to play this game are you going to play a game

  18. Well it looks like you're not playing the right game because well you could see that it doesn't look any in like it yet and you post respond in the bedroom and yet actually silly Isaac and Molly are not there and he was just fun in the bedroom and the post between them that and I believe that is a fake game and first of all it it looks weird so please play The wheel game I'm sorry the same that's the fake one but thank you for that reminder but remember that that's not the real game because you actually watched the the

  19. But do you need to sign in because I’m not gonna do that because I’m not gonna sign in

  20. I love her Lil bangs at the start of the video

  21. I just unlocked Isaac, Molly and Ruby in Mr Hopp's Manor Escape.

  22. Can we all take a moment and look at her hair she looks beautiful and cute💖💝💞💕💗🥺🥰

  23. Uhm, so i have a diffrent k3yb0ard and 1t l3ts me draw but i cabt draw so ill just try

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