Case Keenum's Crazy Game w/ 318 Yards! | Saints vs. Vikings | Divisional Round Player HLs -

Case Keenum’s Crazy Game w/ 318 Yards! | Saints vs. Vikings | Divisional Round Player HLs

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Check out player highlights from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum during the Divisional Round of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. Keenum and diggs are about to become a legendary Duo I’m telling you that

  2. One of the greatest games in NFL history. The NFL is still the greatest sport on this planet.

  3. Case Keenum is a star now, what a tremendous game with a finish nobody saw coming.

  4. Vikings have 2 former rams QBs case and sam and I'm happy with that

  5. he reminds me of favre so much love this team! skol

  6. The Vikings are a scary ass team to the patriots

  7. Case Keenum is the real deal. And people kept saying they needed Krapernick 😂😂😂

  8. If you didn't know who Stefon Diggs was before, well, you do now!

  9. C ase K eenum 7 is on the munee like 7-11 . Ya Diggs

  10. by far the best vikings football game I've ever seen in my 29 years of life

  11. All these Keenum bandwagoners ONLY TRUE University of Houston fans KNOW WHO HE REALLY IS!! I even got a high five from him after the whole team didnt.

  12. Like him or not this man deserves a new Contract

  13. As a Carolina Panthers fan we feel bad for Viking fans. Why… Mike Remmers… Horrible OLinemen. Dude gets flagged 85% of the time in every game haha. So happy he's gone

  14. Do you guys know Case has only fumbled twice in his career. None of them this year.

  15. continue to not believe in this kid. I dare ya. SKOL

  16. While some figure out who the QB for the Vikings really is our fans already knew as they voted Case Keenum The 2011 Premier Player of College Football.  While Case couldn't attend our charity event due to a last second commitment, his dad dropped everything and made the trip to Tampa along with this video.  Congrats Case on the big win for The Vikings!!!

  17. Saw the last minutes of the game leaving the rec center. Decided to stay and almost left on the last play and boom TD!!! Haha

  18. It should be noted that prior to the last play of the game (which should be attributed to Marcus Williams more than anyone) Keenum had a passer rating of 70.14, which is well below average. The only thing I find crazy about that is that a team with a quarterback who plays like that made it to the playoffs in the first place.

  19. Joe Buck comin in hot with a great call. Hes a 🐐 & don't @me.

  20. vikings won with 0:00 on the clock. the patriots didn't……………….shoulda been "US" though.


  22. Anyone else watching case highlights after he signed with the broncos ?

  23. Jamal Murray #BlueArrow #MileHighBasketball says:

    "CaSe Is OvErRaTeD"

  24. He's not afraid to stand in the pocket that extra second to go through his reads! A HUGE UPGRADE FROM SIEMIAN who would make one read and force the ball to his 1st read or just flat out throw it to the other team. If we can get better O Line play than last year we're making the playoffs.

  25. The last play is the greatest clutch play I've ever see in football in my life 🤤🤤🤤

  26. case was great in the first half. but he threw a pick that was instrumental in the saints coming back during the second half. that pick gave the saints great field position. even when you look at the film you'd wonder why he made that boneheaded read. unfortunately the minneapolis miracle will always overshadow that pick he threw.

  27. I will forever remember this game, as a life long saints fan. And I am positive in the fact that had we beaten the Vikings we would have been SB bound. Gg to Minnesota. Sometimes I still cry myself to sleep because of this.

  28. Yeah he kinda ripped New Orleans. They always give up tons of yards.

  29. They got rid of Keenum for Cousins. So who was the better Qb for the Vikings?

  30. Now we’re stuck with Kirk cousins🤦🏿‍♂️

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