Case Keenum's Crazy Game w/ 318 Yards! | Saints vs. Vikings | Divisional Round Player HLs -

Case Keenum’s Crazy Game w/ 318 Yards! | Saints vs. Vikings | Divisional Round Player HLs

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Check out player highlights from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum during the Divisional Round of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  1. My man Robinson on the sideline chasing 😂

  2. Looks like Williams was thinking to make an interception, but at last second realized he couldn't, but by then was out of position for the tackle. Made a wrong, split second decision.

  3. Apologies to Saints fans but man, I was jumping up and down screaming like a little girl on that last play. To me that is the best part of being a fan, you are super low one second and the next you go completely the other way. Only twice in my life have I felt like that (the other was at Royals stadium when Bo Jackson hit a game tying homer with 2 outs and a 3-2 count and then Brett hit the game winner the very next batter).

  4. Representing the Houston Cougars and the H-TownTakeover!!! So PROUD of Case!!!
    GO COOGS!!!

  5. Adam Thielen was cooking Marshon Lattimore all game 😆😆😆

  6. automatic Hall of Fame quarterback Keenum (•)(•)

  7. Time to give Case Keenum the respect and the contract he deserves. Unbelievable performance.

  8. It's sad, Saints played so hard, they had it….the replay really seems like Marcus just ran into his teammate on purpose

  9. wtg Vikings… great job losing saints…saints always crying they were cheated…just face you got beat

  10. this is payback time for the 2010 conference championship loss to the saints in new Orleans.

  11. He moves a lot like Tony Romo, except for the interceptions of course! 😂😂

  12. Man I’m happy for Case Keenum. I knew he had a chance to be good one day during his early years with Houston. People said he’s too undersized but he just knows the game and is a hard worker. I always said he reminds me of Drew Brees back then.

  13. always thought he was p good ever since he was on the texans. Never really thought teams gave him a shot ( RAMS last year sucked lol )
    And now he's on a amazing team and steering the ship.

  14. Had to give the saints the pain we had from 09 hope it hurts bitchs ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  15. I absolutely love the fact that Bradford is Keenum’s backup 😂😂😂 Flashback to 2008-2009 and no one would have believed it

  16. That pass at the end gave me goosebumps. I’m not even a Vikings fan but dayum.

  17. Loved it when Case played for my UH, loved it when he plays and wins for my Vikes, life couldnt be better in my football realm. This brought tears in my eyes. Case Keenum for President 2020.

  18. Think of this, he was a back up quarterback, went 11-4 (i think), this is his first playoff game and took the Vikes to the championship. Amazing 👏

  19. I'm a very proud Texans fan and a huge keenum fan and supporter of whatever team he is own

  20. Just think coaches were trying to figure out a way replace case with Bridgewater would have been stupid cuz look what he's done for them this season Bridgewater would have done it

  21. I don't know who's worse, today's NFL defensive backs, or their secondary coaches! The cover corners have lost the art and skill of covering in today's game!

  22. Great game by Keenum, Diggs, and the rest of the Vikes! I'm a Coogs fan and so go Keenum! Go Vikes as well! Let's beat the Eagles and play in the Superbowl!

  23. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐keenum

    Case closed!!!!! 💯 💯

  24. I wonder why Leonard Fournette was wearing a Vikings jersey under his Jags jersey?Did he play at LSU?

  25. Turns out there was actually a bounty on #20, Lattimore just cashed in

  26. Legit Question: for those saying it was rigged, what was the motivation for Marcuss Williams, collegiate standout and All-Pac-12 selection at Utah taken in the 2nd round of the draft, to miss the tackle as he would have had to be in on the plot in advance. Fame??? No, unless negative attention is his shtick, but i'd bet he would have much rather soaked in positive attention from a game winning tackle of Diggs. Money??? Risk throwing away millions in future potential earnings by being banned from the NFL for taking a bribe to throw a game or equally worse, being cut by the team? His family was being held hostage and would be killed if he didn't throw the game and Liam Neeson wasn't available?? No. He didn't fancy a superbowl ring so he whiffed it??? No. He wanted to get a reputation as blowing it in big games? No. I think I've made my point….

  27. Congratulations, Keenum has worked very hard and deserves this.

  28. What a day for Diggs and Keenum. They're a dangerous duo for sure…

  29. Coming from a packers fan here, the way Case plays is very similar to Rodgers. He may not have the arm strength but his playing style extends plays, goes through progressions and makes big plays. Vikings would be foolish not to pay him this next year! good luck next week

  30. I was in my parents bedroom watching this, my dad saying that it was the Vikings fault for blowing the lead. I was silent. Then this was the next play… biggest mood swing of my life 😂. From utter sadness to excitement in less than 5 seconds.

  31. says "highlights" dosent show any Td's being made except for the last one lol

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