Chauncey Billups CRAZY Game 5 Full Highlights vs Nets 2004 Playoffs - 31 Pts, 10 Reb, CLUTCH! -

Chauncey Billups CRAZY Game 5 Full Highlights vs Nets 2004 Playoffs – 31 Pts, 10 Reb, CLUTCH!

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Chauncey Billups Full Game Highlights | Detroit Pistons vs New Jersey Nets – Game 5 | 2004 NBA Playoffs ECSF East Semis | HOH Throwback in HD
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  1. Fisher and Billups hit clutch shots in their semi final matchups, vs the previous year's finalists, spurs and nets.

  2. City was live asf when they won I was only 3 and remember dat shit😂

  3. Detroit Pistons is the king of the east back then with 4 all-star starter.

  4. Chauncey Billups was a very underrated PG in his prime tho, especially those years in Detroit and in Denver

  5. Chauncey Billups because of his stats I feel like will always be underrated by history

  6. He might not. Be a 1st ballot hof but he going in the hall

  7. The most underrated pg in NBA history during his prime

  8. Great time in my life. Thank you for uploading this. Being a pistons fan that Jefferson block pissed me off but damn that was one hell of a block LOL.

  9. I forgot how quick and athletic CB was. He really was the perfect PG for that team.

  10. Why are the 90s highlights more clear than early 2000s

  11. Should've drafted Dwayne Wade at 2nd. PG Billups. SG Wade. SF Hamilton. PF Wallace. C Wallace. Prince coming of the bench. Detroit would've won atleast possibly 3 championships.

  12. Sooo, who won the game? Dont let me google that shit)) i know who won the series but who won that particular game?

  13. Even though Pistons didn't win this game, I always thought that shot by Chauncey won them the series. Because after getting swept by them the year before – and games 3/4 that year – if that game had just ended on the Jefferson block, Pistons probably feeling like that team just had their number. (Remember Nets were b2b EC Champs at the time and Pistons still hadn't been to Finals yet). So when they were able to play them even for 3 more OTs, I think it gave them confidence they could play with that team, and gave Larry Brown more film to study, and Nets didn't win another game after.

  14. I was in Job Corps in Detroit during this time. Me and a group of guys watched this game to the end. When Chauncey hit that 3 that would send them to OT the whole room lit dafuq up. Man!

  15. 2004 playoffs was one of the special year for basketball… no one gives a chance on Pistons to defeat the Lakers on that year

  16. Hated him as a Laker fan. But had to Respect him as a hooper

  17. One of the most underappreciated basketball players and LEADERS of ALL TIME!!!!!

  18. Mr. Big Shot, that’s all you need to know about Chauncey Billups. My man was a beast!

  19. Pistons should be back in a few years. This mediocrity wouldn’t of happened if they rebuilt in 2007, they was be back on track as late as 2012

  20. Chauncey Billups is so underrated that pistons team would be the good warriors team without a doubt

  21. There can only be one. With the half face of each team

  22. Billups was amazing, Prime Billups was nearly as good as Draymond, the scoring, the clutch shots, the defense, rebounding and IQ. Draymond should have been a three times finals MVP but NBA robbed him.

  23. Meanwhile Curry and Dame make shots like those atleast once a game

  24. Chauncey is one of the most underrated players in nba history. This mans range was lethal

  25. How did these forwards and centers let bill ups get 10 rebounds.

  26. Billups, wallace, hamilton and prince. That was a dream team. They played so well togueter

  27. Chauncey, Hunter, Hamilton, Prince and Ben on the floor together. I never realized the Pistons were playing small ball back then, wow!

  28. My mom came in my room and said "boy go to bed" thinking the game was over. I replied "but we can tie it. It'll be over after overtime." She smacked her lips and said "If they give it to Billups it's going in." When he hit the shot my mouth hit the floor and i RAN out my room, ran to the kitchen, then the basement, and back to my bed. My mom watched the rest of the game with me. Best game ever.

  29. Billups is the only player in NBA history to have a winning record against Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron.. crazy!

  30. The second greatest point guard after Magic…

  31. Chauncey caught alot of people off guard that year but the reality is, he was under the radar and had been that good for a long time he just needed the right opportunity.Teams in that 2004 playoffs had no idea how to guard him…. ESPECIALLY the 2004 Lakers

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