Colin Cowherd talks with Antonio Daniels about the crazy Game 1 of the NBA Finals | NBA | THE HERD -

Colin Cowherd talks with Antonio Daniels about the crazy Game 1 of the NBA Finals | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Colin Cowherd talks with former player Antonio Daniels about all the crazy events of game 1 of the NBA Finals and if LeBron James’s decision to leave Cleveland Cavaliers is now a sure thing.

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Colin Cowherd talks with Antonio Daniels about the crazy Game 1 of the NBA Finals | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. Imma be honest with you Colin, people are out here drinking almond milk but I have to say I like almond milk. I like it alot.

  2. George Hill. Sold the game. He was paid to miss that free throw.

  3. I find it funny when players like Antonio Daniels says he played against both Jordan and Lebron to claim he has “perspective” but when you go up against 01,02 MJ (plus a being a rookie in 98), and spend most of your career against Lebron you don’t have perspective. SMH

  4. So where is the NBA in all this?? The reverse of the call!!!!!

  5. OMG Colin is so salty. Did LeBron get lucky when he teabagged Draymond and got him suspended in 2016?

  6. Im going to be honest, Im going to be honest, how many times are you going to be honest, Mr.?

  7. Lebron should’ve took the shot himself. Worst case, he’s fouled and is at the line shooting FTs instead of George Hill. Lebron was great but you got them that far, he should’ve just finished it. If I scored 51, I’m losing or winning on my shot and no one else.

  8. Im so glad whats her name not on the show no mo

  9. Mj far better than lebron. 6 rings vs 3 rings. Jordan did it in less games and actual defense was played. Lebron weak east in no defense era.

  10. Appreciated Antonio as a guest but the audio was pretty bad…

  11. Meanwhile in the NHL an expansion team and the legacy of failure are both competing for their first championship

  12. The overturn that call for warriors favored that not dynasty for the warriors team
    Sorry lbj the refs rob the game you love to play with all your heart

  13. Lbj , you should join rockets with cp3 to knock down the warriors next year
    You & cp3 should take less money to knock down the warriors next season
    GO LBJ and get 1 ring for your buddy cp3.

  14. Ty lue probably threw Jr under the bus because he threw a bowl of soup at him😂😂

  15. I feel for JR. ain’t no one fina beat the warriors and the zebras period. Talk me to death about it’s cause of JR. the only reason the cavs were down one was because of the horrific job or wonderful job if your a dub. #realtalk

  16. LeBron James is better than emmitt Smith. Greatest stiff arm in nba history.

  17. Colin praise Lebron for not getting injure, but bash GSW because everyone except them are getting injure. Its not their fault that everyboy else cant stay healthy.

  18. Just to answer the “idk if mike would’ve done that…” Michael had 55 and 8 rebs in the finals in 93…” just saying.

    It’s hard to compare the two because of eras, the game has changed. But I do think lebron is the greatest player of this era by a mile and I think he can play for 8 more years, so his story is still being written. If he gets at least one more title I think he’s goat. If he finishes his career 4-8 in the finals or even 4-6 in the finals I think he takes it…but 3 championships isn’t enough imo if your the greatest all time..

  19. What's up with Colin's sudden hate for the warriors? He's been going on for years about how amazing their players, coach, unselfishness, and organization are. Now all of sudden they're dynasty is basically fraudulent? lol ok.

  20. Is this guy calling from 30m below sea level?

  21. This take a lot out of me as a fan so I can only imagine how the players feel smh

  22. This doesn’t always hurt you mentality though. Remember Dallas vs Miami in 06 or even Dallas vs Miami in 2011?

  23. I feel for Lebron. If it was tennis or boxing, Lebron would be undeniably the greatest. Too bad he has to rely on JR Smith, George Hill and Jordan Clarkson.

  24. We are witnessing greatness. A former finals MVP scoring 50 and still taking an L

  25. And LeBron was even the all-time best HS player (you can add that to his basketball resume/goat conversation) MJ got cut from his high school team.


  27. Then they should’ve overturned looneys foil on Lebron

  28. Colin can you get better guests? particularly the ex NBA players dont add much….K mart getting aggressive with you over your westbrook comments was stupid you were completely right to make the case for Klay

  29. I just want jr to admit he smoked Kush before the game smh

  30. Is anyone going to bring up how J.R. almost ended Klay's career unnecessarily…???

  31. OK, Colin has a great guest with some great points, and the connection is horrible.

  32. Bring back Cutino Mobley. To me, he seems like the smarter ex-player you've had on the show so far. Just my opinion. I'd love to hear his take other things. He was such a good guest.

  33. Jordan would have scored 60 on GS. This isnt real nba defense people. Something is in the water. cowherd, whitlock got removed from my DVR saying jordan wouldnt have scored 50 points. Jordan scored 60 against boston in OT with real defense. These dudes just want ratings and are talking nonsense. Im done with these athlete worshipers.

  34. Please never bring Peter Vecsey on the show again. Guy has no energy and just hates everything. Horrible to listen to

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