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  1. “What will the future hold for arteta? What will the future hold for arsenal?” That hit different 😂 hopefully this will be a good season

  2. Remember me when the season ends: Next season is Red and that Red isn't Man U, It's ARSENAAAAAAAAAAL!!!

  3. It's funny how many of arsenal past videos I've been watching, I've been seeing Ozil involved in most of them, and with beautiful and artistic contributions too! Arsenal legend in my books!!!

  4. Sanchez was such a menace. Nasri was a beauty to behold. Now arsenal has no more magicians, just poor players like nketiah, Xhaka and the average ones like auba and laca

  5. All French people miss the time with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Vieira, Cole, Campbell, Seaman, Van Persie and many others were so beautiful to watch.
    We didn't win many titles as we should in Wenger Era but we take pleasure.
    Since a few years I'm so disappointed and hope to see a big come back soon as possible!

  6. London is Blue, I wish it was white, never was and will be red!

  7. I was help by hack_engr on I G he's the best.

  8. Does the arsenal have intruders & traitors?
    transfer policy is very unreasonable in these 3 years.

  9. I was help by hack_engr on I G he's the best.

  10. I was help by hack_engr on I G he's the best.

  11. Arsenal are in pieces without Sanchez, ramsey and ozil

  12. enjoy getting relegated XD , NORTH LONDON IS WHITE

  13. I miss these days. Yeah we didn't win trophies (came close a few time) but hell..i was excited for every game, we where so fun to watch. Today it's so boring, dull, no connection to this team, don't care for literally anyone in the team.

  14. Xaka always with his 2 footer tackles. When will this clown ever learn.

  15. This is the arsenal team that I know, from Arteta took over that team, everything went backward

  16. Letting Ramsay go was a big mistake by Unai Emery, our midfield went with. In my opinion I think Arteta has lost the dressing room. I hate seeing Arsenal as a glory days team, I want my team back. Arsenal made football look beautiful 😍, what has gone so terribly wrong.

  17. The arsenal players in the team now should watch videos of sanchez work rate in a game,he did more work un one game than these 11 we have now put together

  18. Miss the prime Alexis Sanchez,Ozil,Giroud,Cazorla..

  19. I think the squad needs to be rough… And rougher against totenham tonite. Don't play beautiful. The young lads need to be aggressive and rough

  20. At 0:58 the guy holding up 3-0 is the same guy from the last north londen derby holding up 2-0

  21. COMMENTATOR : What will the future hold for Mikel Arteta

  22. Guys who is missing Sanchaz 😭😭

  23. 8:34 – "What would the future hold for Mikel Arteta". He had to ask 😀

  24. "What will the future hold for Arteta?"
    Another shot at arsenal

  25. Elneny has been there since day 1. he is averege but should get some respect for his loyalty and that he always give 100% with passion

  26. Anyone recognise the man in the first game from when they last met?

  27. "What will the future hold for mikel arteta"

  28. is that the same dude at 0:56 and 4:41 if so that is amazing because i see that same guy every home game thats some dedication. Love that

  29. 0:57 who is this guy? I’m pretty sure he’s at every Arsenal match🤣

  30. Every goal Ramsey scored was a banger. ❤️

  31. I think if van persie didn't leave arsenal he would have been an arsenal legend

  32. I don't watch football but arsenal used to be great, I've heard they're on a joke ting right now, they need to pattern up

  33. The way Ramsey used to score using that side of the leg 😊 I miss him and sanchez

  34. tôi vẫn nhớ thời Cesc, Persie, Jack, Ramsey, Nasri,

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