CRAZY BEACH GAMES in Australia w/The Norris Nuts -

CRAZY BEACH GAMES in Australia w/The Norris Nuts

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Whoever wins most beach games wins Robux. Watch more of us below….
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  1. I love how they said 15 in the sand digging thing

  2. What's an ooshie (I'm American so I don't know if that's what Australians call toys or a brand but…

  3. biggy has come a long way he was happy for sabre when she beat him in tug-of-war btw i’m on my dads account

  4. Oh wow! That’s cool, you guys make sandman’s instead of snowman’s since you don’t get snow often I assume?

  5. B i g g y and n a z in the final of tug a war

  6. Did anyone else see that in the flags final it looked like biggy slowed down so sockie could win

  7. I tried to make you guys in gacha life

  8. I was watching this video whilst on my way to Devon in the UK and it made me so excited to go to the beech.🦀🐬🐠 Please can I have a shout out

  9. lı•丅hε Ǘgเy Pυgliภg•ıl says:

    why didn't i get a notification for this?

  10. I have an idea, what if one of the challenges the legends have to judge but , The norris nuts have to say somethings about there fidget to try and get the legends to vote for them, but there should be a challenge before that and that will determine how many words/Sentences you get to say! (Sorry, it's so detailed) spread this idea

  11. The girls swim outfits are SO CUTE!!!!

  12. It was more on Sockie side so they should re do it

  13. I love how when Naz was counting her ooshies Sabre went ooh as soon as she got to one ooshie

  14. I live in Australia and NewCastle is really close to me but I can’t go to the beach because my lockdown is really strict.

  15. Omg I finally get to comment on the noris nuts videos don’t my. Profile pic I’m a kid this my mom’s account. What are you guys a zodiac sign

  16. When you don’t know what tuger war is

  17. this makes me kinda sad that I don't have 3 siblings

  18. have we started yet? ahaha papa's humour is like my dads

  19. someone should of told nazz to use the black bucket to get water lol

  20. Justin: Sockie u lost against ur TINY little sister?!
    Me: still salty (not) about everyone in the family doubting Naz
    They just shouldn’t judge someone according their age cause intelligence has no age

  21. Sabre will be 21 in 5 yrs and i won't be out of high school 😭😭😭

  22. Hard to say but most other countries that's not how you play soccer for there has to be at least two people on each side or more

  23. I live in England we have not that many beaches

  24. So the start said it’s your birthday soon I will get something for you or something like that so I would like AirPods an Apple Watch and iPhone please <3

  25. Your my favourite youtube channel your the only YouTube channel I watch

  26. I’m not ready for sabre to be eighteen and move out ;-:

  27. i love how sabre is 16 and cares about youtube still and still plays games

  28. Biggy's voice has really changed. P.S: Love your videos!

  29. The flag game was unfair because the flag was closer to Sockie than Biggy

  30. sockie won water filling bc she was acting like she water plants, and she got the shovel first because she needs to use it to dig holes in the dirt to plant plants!

  31. Omg. I. Hope. Everyone. Wins. The. Beach wins

  32. Hey I was wondering where Sabre got her swimsuit its SO CUTE

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