CRAZY Chess Game with 5 QUEENS?! -

CRAZY Chess Game with 5 QUEENS?!

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Not sure you have ever seen something like this.

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  1. Amazing that black is winning for the majority of this game when white has two queens

  2. Could you do an updated version on The French Defense for both black and WHITE? Your tutorials are actually very good and well explained and help me remember the lines better(yep I know you will probably not see this)

  3. Levy, your too hilarious. Literally changed the game of chess. Id rather watch your content than the grand Swiss.

    If your reading this, when im famous, Ill challenge you to a game. Hopefully by then you’ll be GM Levy. If so, just humor me for a game or two 😂

  4. Hey Gotham, how to force a draw in chess? Like, from the beginning

  5. I thought this was the gelfand match because it had five queens too😂

  6. I've gotten 7 queens once before playing against the bot Martin.

  7. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. 3 Queens on the same diagonal

  8. that bishop will be like the background vocalist in a rap song that just says stuff like "Straight up!" lmaoo

  9. If had to face 5 queens im throwing my laptop 😁

  10. i thought this was gonna be the boris gelfand game

  11. Stop putting ur own face next to chess pro’s bro, ur not in the same league as chess professionals bro. So keep practising ok.

  12. Stop interrupting the game bro, ur not a pro? U don’t know what ur talking about bro…….

  13. U rigged this game bro, this was never a real game.

  14. We know u weren’t there,,,,lol,,,no one would let u in bro

  15. I Have a game that ended with 4 queens i was 713 elo opponent was 740 i won with 4 queens on the board

  16. Those classical King's Indian games are the best!

  17. never knew chess was a game about a harem protagonist

  18. Levy's tryna act like he is so funny
    He is a psychic with a bunny
    He tries to show his games are yummy
    But shows his tummy

  19. "white decides to trade one pair of queens" is not something we hear very often…

  20. If this was an otb game, what actually happenes when there are more than 4 queens on the board?
    I mean I thought that chess sets come with only one extra queen

  21. How about the 9 (Nein!!) queens game from Ben Finegold?

  22. This is what I do to BM enemies in my 500 elo blitz games

  23. What bout Alkehines 5 queens? Its not really clrear if its rral or fane but still…

  24. Day 55 of counting up by one: Fifty Five

  25. I was only ~300-400 at the time I blundered so hard I ended up 4 queens down for no pieces and managed to stale mate because my opponent wanted a 5th Queen

  26. Alekhine has played a game with 5 queens. Look for it buddy

  27. 5 queens? An eval bar? Must be a crazy ‘Guess the Elo’ match.
    Wait, why are there numbers next to the player names.
    Large numbers, at that?

  28. Qf6 wins for white no way to stop the music 😨

  29. Day 127 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Pazza partita di scacchi con cinque donne?!”

  30. Like the backup vocalist in rap songs that yells like "Straight up!". lmao im dead

  31. you could rotate the mid and endgame boards 90° Counter Clockwise and it would still make sense

  32. why is levy slowly becoming my favourite youtuber

  33. Am I the only one that just now noticed his pot of comedically sized money in the background

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