Crazy Drop/Crazy Plinko real or fake -

Crazy Drop/Crazy Plinko real or fake

Sandip Susar
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Hi, Everyone

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About this video
Crazy drop app ya kaho crazy plinko app real hai ya fake ye is video me maine bataya hai.

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  1. Kasam bhae 2din full time advertise dekha tha sab gift mein bhi I phhone, tv, watch,Aru wife k Liya purse bhiDekhi bhauut khuss tha ..madarchoot yesh app ko cash karlunga tesku MA ki ghaad mei Computer 🖥️💻 fit kardunga Meri kwayiss sab chakbachur banaya ludda bhiman

  2. Are yar bonus spin karne wala me kese milega

  3. SLOWED VIBES • 10.2M • views 2 days ago........ says:

    Good bry

  4. Bhai jo apne description m link di h winzo ki isse bhi kai guna achha game h mere pass

  5. What the fuck yaha se koi paisa mila kya? Maine toh nahi mila… Withdraw nhi ho raha hai

  6. Nanu aduthananu gani naku amount ravadam ladhu

  7. कोई भी एप्लीकेशन एड मैं दिखाता है इस एप्लीकेशन से पैसा मिलता है बोलता है मुझे तो लाल जो आ जाता है मैं यकीन कर दूंगा और डाउनलोड कर दूंगा सच में पैसा मिलता है बोलकर अब बता दिया इस एप्लीकेशन मैं पैसा नहीं मिलता है इस एप्लीकेशन पैक है मैं समझ गया

  8. /https// DTW-dude-theft-wars- mod-menu

  9. Do you have to put pay pal id or gmail. Is this an app where you can get real money?

  10. This app is a scam do not download it you see the promotional video where they're opening up a big box of cash It's crumpled up twenties and one dollar bills that's what you do when you sell crack you keep money in a cardboard box under your bed but if it was legit money one from somewhere they're sending you crisp bills in stacks and rolls or a check not crumpled up money packed into a box

  11. Так можете сказать это феик или же там реально можно вывести деньги?

  12. হিন্দু ধর্মিও গান says:

    আমার আছে $ ১৪৫৮ আছে

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