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We’re back with Madden NFL 21 Next Gen gameplay, trying out the new dynamic rain conditions on the new console and get into a wild battle with the Bills vs Rams!

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  1. Noob question… But HOW do you get it to show the defensive coverage art during the play???

  2. Bro it’s been like 6 years since I’ve watched your vids, you still talk like this?

  3. atleast a hail mary don't get caught over 3 bills A THIRD TIME

  4. They look really slow and wierd when they run

  5. What’s happening with lions franchise, is it getting moved to ps5

  6. Great update by EA again can’t wait to see Madden 21 Next Gen

  7. Still cant understand how nfl 2k5 is still better then a 2020 nfl game lol

  8. darrell henderson. you always call him darnell

  9. For people who love realism and franchise(myself included), These new player movements are just for you…

  10. I thought it was the first weather game for online versus. Meh I wish it was real

  11. I remember watching u in 2016-17 your prime❗️

  12. Honestly this looks worst and more clunky than current gen like c'mon ea

  13. For me josh Norman had 3 ints but I think we run different defenses

  14. You could’ve easily dove with Norman to stop his last TD

  15. Comment if your wtach the bills vs stterlers game today

  16. This game is week! “BROKEN, BROKEN, BROKEN!” EA should be ashamed of themselves!
    I blame the N F L MORE!”

  17. How did u get rain in h2h online? I played over 300 games and not once I get any weather games

  18. This honestly reminds me of Madden 08 on my PSP lol

  19. I thought that was real for a second on the thumbnail😅

  20. Ramsey got smoked because he lined up outside and the reciever ran a post 😂

  21. Y'all really bitch about everything like the game isn't even bad, and the next gen update is good so far

  22. If u like madden content sub to HBOliver on YouTube

  23. Smh to easy for the offense or is he picking the wrong defense ?

  24. Other than the shiny graphics, which is to be expected, I did not see one single thing to make me want to rush and buy this game.

  25. ^^Madden 21 is great so far I’m playing almost everyday I love the game to much!

  26. I think 2k need to create a nfl game…cuz ea is just pimp that game and they say ok ok that will be enough for the players

  27. Madden has to make it where the rain stops as the game go on & make the sun come out sometimes in day rain games make snow turn into rain & etc thats the next step for EA

  28. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the acceleration of the players. The cuts they make and the top speed and animations are awesome… but the acceleration is way too slow (especially on run plays) If they made the acceleration a little faster and the user control tighter it would be PERFECT! 🔥

  29. Madden next gen fun and the graphics fun and all the stuff new looks realistic and stuff

  30. NFL 2K5 still looks better than this garbage.


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