Crazy game by 2400's 😮 #shorts -

Crazy game by 2400’s 😮 #shorts

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  1. His king travelled like a General in Kingdom

  2. -yea , i won , yes… -okay , i lose.

  3. Lol he didn't realize the king move protect queen like🗿

  4. i had a similar game in your arena where my rook was locked in a pawn box lol

  5. The queen: i'm not trapped with you; you are trapped with me 😈☝️

  6. Like Levy said when you don't know what to do walk your king down 🗿

  7. If you don't understand, he's opponent queen is trapped.

  8. everytime games get messy like this it's so much funnier 😂

  9. You had to check the king away first and then you win

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