CRAZY GAME! Cleveland Cavaliers vs New York Knicks Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Playoffs -

CRAZY GAME! Cleveland Cavaliers vs New York Knicks Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Playoffs

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  1. mitchelle tryng to be a hero @ 1:30 its d same when he was in UTAH. cavz will not move to the next round

  2. lol
    "Defense has started to pay its toll!"
    You'll get it right next time, buddy.

  3. i literally called it. i knew mitchell would crack under pressure

  4. Mad respect for Grimes hitting both those free throws at the end. Those are tough shots for a young player and he made it happen

  5. Very glad Randle is back for the POs, despite the nay-sayers: 4:48 And yes, JB is THE PG we Knick fans have wanted and needed for DECADES!~

  6. Mitchell do it again, and Eliminate from Playoffs, Lets Go Knick. 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Sad with the Cavs they scored 9points in a row..

  8. thats a 8 seconds backcourt violation

  9. Knicks almost choked this one. Good thing Brunson and hart were there to keep the knicks win. Their 2 newest additions this year

  10. Lmao celebrating a 3 pointer with 3 minutes left and down with 5. That''s just pure cursing in the making

  11. Knicks were lucky on the rebounds in the final minutes


  13. Knicks thank Mavs for giving them Brunson, 3 first round picks, getting Reggie Bricks Bullocks, Frank Frenchie, Tim Jr. Dallas GM wins Worst GM of the year.

  14. The mavs mistake they trade brunson….

  15. Kesalahan maverick telah melepas brunson

  16. I was there and those refs were making shit calls Darius garland, and levert got smacked in the face fuckin hard. Then somebody from the Knicks forgot what the player name was. He tried getting in a fight but the refs didn't do anything.

  17. I love J.B & I wish he was still on the Mavs.

  18. I understand why Osman was on Brunson, to free Mitchell. The shot taken by the Knicks at 1:48 was out of desperation, shot clock going down. He just hit it, it happens. It is the intensity of the game. At 1:22 branson hits a 12 footer. 97 vs 95 1:00 minute left, offensive rebound NY. Bronson scores. 35.4 remaining in the game. Allen with a dunk 2pt game, 31 seconds, No time outs for the cavs. Ny has the ball and a 2 pt lead.. NY offensive rebound…game. Won't happen again. We may be young, but not desperate as NY. Good win Knicks. It's only the beginning… You got your one. Keep your eyes on game 5……

  19. Brunson become the star player of Knicks…

  20. I wonder If Luka fans really thinks he doesn't have that much help.😅

    All of his former teammates are good. Just possible because they are waiting for his passes.

  21. As a Knicks fan crazy game glad We got the dub Mitch went off respect to Him this will be a fun series glad we stole game 1

  22. never seen a commentator compliment their team so much on both sides, even when they scored they still found a way to say something positive

  23. Cavs coach need to do a better job of managing his players minutes. Not one Knivks player played more than 32 minutes. 4 Cavs player played over 50 minutes.

  24. All tall guys but couldn't get the rebound, Cav sucks.

  25. Why do these players like Curry and Mitchell celebrate after a 3 with loads of time left in the game?
    Do these players believe a 3 point shot is like winning a powerball maij prize??

  26. The cavs are a joke! They were at home and it's against the Knicks.

  27. A thought goes to the Mavs that let Bronson go so easily.

  28. As a diehard Mavs fan, watching Brunson ball out makes me want to fist fight Mark Cuban….

  29. Brunson is an all-star calibre player, probably the best signing this off season with Donovan not far behind

  30. Caris levert 1/7 18 min
    Isaac Okoro 1/6 23 min

    Cedi Osman almost saved the game despite these two idiots

  31. It doesn't matter who will win in the end, any of these two will be eliminated on the next round…

    Btw, though having great starting 5 without having any bench , lol , tough times for mitchell again

  32. Mitchell is a ball hugger. Cavs will lose this playoff in 5

  33. When your best player Puts up those numbers and you still lose the game you’ve got a problem
    Cavs need to fix that quick

  34. What happenned to Ricky Rubio with all his exprerience? 6min? Is he injured?

  35. Listed as shooting guard, Michell dominate the ball. Garland is a non-factor in the final minutes. Everyone stops just looking for Michell's heroics.

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