CRAZY GAME!! Cloud9 vs MOUZ (Quarter Final) - IEM RIO Major 2022 BEST MOMENTS - CSGO Highlights -

CRAZY GAME!! Cloud9 vs MOUZ (Quarter Final) – IEM RIO Major 2022 BEST MOMENTS – CSGO Highlights

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CRAZY GAME!! Cloud9 vs MOUZ (Quarter Final) – Best Moments from the IEM Rio Major 2022 – CSGO Highlights

IEM Rio Major 2022 – Champions Stage Quarter final
0:00 C9 vs MOUZ


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Best Moments and Highlights from the IEM Rio Major 2022
Challengers Stage: Vitality, Imperial, Cloud9 (C9), Outsiders, FURIA, MOUZ, OG, fnatic, BIG, Evil Geniuses (EG), Bad News Eagles (BNE), GamerLegion, 00Nation, 9z, Greyhound, IHC.
Legends Stage: FaZe, Liquid, NaVi (Natus Vincere), Heroic, NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas), Spirit, ENCE, Sprout.


  1. WHAAAAAAT A GAME!! See you tomorrow for the Best game of the IEM Rio "NaVi vs FURIA" 🤩

  2. No idea what happened to C9. They were amazing in legends.

  3. I guess I’m only getting silver coin this major

  4. The kill spread on Mouz is so testament to how they play.

  5. damnn, like a final game! Thanks for the video.

  6. WAIT WHAT THIS HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? Fuck I thought it was tonight

  7. Na Teams can’t stop fucking up my pickems

  8. Mouz played so much more sharper and methodical. C9 just looks like a team of lone wolfs.

  9. This major was c9's best chance get their first major because of most top teams(Faze,vita,G2,liquid) got knocked out or didnt qualify at all. Their only big threat was Na'Vi in the playoffs. But c9 couldn’t even go past quarters. It may seem harsh but they should consider a roster move now because this lineup is capped.

  10. i mean c9 looks like a banch of fixed heads that arent doing enything crazy just the meta sttuf
    and mousz looks like a team that is still growing in strangth like they didnt reach theire peek mechanics or aim
    but they are always pressing hard no matter the chalenge its like npc's god level vs moucz adapting / mechanices /dont get scared by shit
    have nothing to loose no reputation (new team) i just loove the thrill

  11. MOUZ showed iron mentality on t side on ancient. Well deserved MOUZ. Bye bye C9 😂

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